These are books and authors that were discussed at our first meeting.
Schulman- Karmic Astrology
Marion March and Joan McEvers- The Only way to learn astrology vol 1-4
Alice Howell- Jungian Symbols in Astrology
Robert Hand- Planets in Transiti
Wickenburg- A Journey through the birth chart
Gail Fairfield- Choice centered astrology
Dane Rudyar
Donna Cunningham
Liz Greene
Erin Sullivan
Robert Cole- Book of Houses
Sakoian & Acker- Astrology Handbook
Astrology Encyclopedia
Noel Tyl
Izabel Hickey- Cosmic Astrology

This was a list I got from somewhere about the best books to have in your library
Arroyo, Stephen:    Astrology, karma & transformation : inner dimensions of the birth chart : New rev. & expanded ed., 2nd ed. ; Sebastol, CA : CRCS Publications, c. 1992
Banzhaf, Hajo and Anna Haebler:   Keywords for Astrology : York Beach, Maine : Samuel Weiser, c.1996
Brady, Bernadette: [Book of Fixed Stars]
Brady's book of fixed stars : York Beach, Maine : Samuel Weiser, c.1998
Brady, Bernadette: [Eagle and the Lark]
Predictive Astrology : the Eagle and the Lark : York Beach, Maine : Samuel Weiser, c.1992
Brooks, Chris:   Midpoint Keys to Chiron : Tempe, AZ : American Federation of Astrologers, c. 1992.
Daniels, Estelle:   Astrologickal Magick: York Beach, ME : Samuel Weiser, c. 1995.
Hand, Robert:    Horoscope Symbols : Algien, PA : Whitford Press, c.1981 Hand, Robert:   Planets in Transit: Life Cycles in Living : Alglen, PA : Whitford Press, c. 1976
Jones, Prudence, ed.:   Creative Astrology : Experiential Understanding of the Birth Chart : London, Aquarian Press, c. 1991.
Leo, Alan, 1860-1918:    Esoteric Astrology : a study in human nature : London : L.N. Fowler and Co., LTD, c.1967
   v. 7—"Astrology for all" Series
March, Marion D. and Joan McEvers:   The only way to learn Astrology series v. 1-6: San Diego, CA :ACS publications, 1976-1994
 v.1—Basic Principles, rev.ed, c.1981
 v.2—Math and Interpretation Techniques rev.ed, c.1981,
 v.3—Horoscope Analysis,
 v.4—[sic] The only way to learn about tomorrow: Current patterns, progressions, directions, solar returns, transits,
  v.5—[sic] The only way to learn about Relationships: Synastry Techniques,
  v.6 [sic]The only way to learn about Horary and Electional Astrology, 2nd ed. c.1994.
Marks, Tracy:   The art of Chart Interpretation : Sebastapol, CA: CRCS Publications, rev. expanded editions, c. 1986 Marks, Tracy
  Your Secret Self: Illuminating the Mysteries of the Twelfth House : Sebastopol, CA: CRCS Publications, c. 1989 Maynard, Jim
  Jim Maynard's Celestial Guide 2001 : Ashland, Oregon, Quicksilver Productions, c.2000
Parker, Derek and Julia:   The Compleat Astrologer : London : Mitchell Beazley, Ltd. c.1975
Pelletier, Robert:   Planets in Aspects: Understanding your inner dynamics : Alglen, PA : Whitford Press, c. 1974.
Rushman, Carol:    The Art of Predictive Astrology : forecasting your life events : St. Paul, MN : Llewellyn, c.2002 Schulman, Martin
  Karmic Astrology series v. 1-3 : York Beach, Maine : Samuel Weiser, c. 1975-1978
 v.1 — The Moon's Nodes and Reincarnation,
v.2 — Retrogrades and Reincarnation,
v.3 — Joy and the Part of Fortune.
Solange de Mailly Nesle :  Astrology: history, symbols and signs : Editions Fernand Nation, c.1981
Tester, Jim:   A history of Western Astrology : New York, Ballantine Books, c. 1987
Tyl, Noel, 1936-:    Solar Arcs : Astrology's most successful predictive system, including midpoints, tertiary progressions, rectification, the 100-year "quick-glance" ephermeris and 1, 130 Solar Arc "image pictures"! : St. Paul, MN : Llewellyn, c. 2002
Tyl, Noel, 1936- :   Times to come : St. Paul, MN : Llewellyn, c.1975—1st edition
   v.12—The Principles and Practice of Astrology