Business Card in Corel

Lesson...Making a business card in Corel
Vocabulary...Transform, horizontal, vertical, layout.
Objectives...After being shown how to create a business card from a pre-designed image, the student will create one of their own.
Method... Go to Layout.  Go to page setup.  Set it for landscape.  Go to layout and guidelines setup.  Set horizontal and vertical guidelines from a predetermined setup.  Import your image.   Go to Arrange and choose transform.  Choose size of card.  Apply.  Copy and paste.  Use arrow key to more second picture into position.  Shift key and select each card and group.  Copy and paste until all are in place.  Save to disk or special folder.
Materials...Corel.  Computer, disk.
Time allowed...Several days in computer lab or 15 minute time sections done with timer in art room. Rotate students on the computers.  Finished projects may take several days. 
Evaluation...Did the student understand the process?  Was the project successful? 
Other resources...samples on board, other business cards.