How to help the children start to work on the computer

1. the parts of the computer and how to treat them.
2. how to turn it on and shut it off correctly.
3. a disk
4. how to save as to a disk.
   a. Find the 3 ½ Floppy drive A
   b. Type simple name with no spaces
   c. Press Save button
   d. Wait until the light goes out by the floppy drive slot. 
   e. Repeat the last statement over and over again.  If they take it out too
       soon, they will loose their picture. 
    f. If they are replacing one version with a new version and it asks
        do you want to replace it, say YES.
     g. If they are saving a new version, but want to save the old one, 
         rename it, or add a number to the name.
     h. Do not save a picture to any other folders or programs. 
5. How to open a program
    a. Icon
    b. Start> Program> and so on
6. How to close out of a program
    a. X in the upper right hand corner
    b. File and Exit
7. How to type  (Use a typing program)
8. Tell them not to go into other programs
9. Do not drag the screen around.  Show them how to adjust 
    the screen (as in Paint)
10. Show them how to find the tools and colors when they loose them.