Christmas Scene Collages

Subject:  Christmas Collage picture 
(You may also add a writing assignment of explaining the picture or telling a story about it)
Grade level: 3-5
Key Concept-Goal: The student will be able to make a picture using the method of collage.
Vocabulary:  Collage, composition, cut out, texture, contrast
Essential Skills-Objectives-Art  Aims:  After being shown how to cut out and paste or glue paper to a background so as to appear that it has been drawn there, the student will create their own picture using this same method.
Engagement Activities- Procedure:  Take one color 12x18 for the background.  Use scraps of paper to cut everything else out and glue it down.  Use contrasting colors to help make things show up.  Cut the biggest pieces first and glue them down first.  Smallest pieces will be last. It must have some sort of letters on it.
Materials: 12x18  construction paper for the background, scraps of construction paper, scissors, glue, newspaper.
Organization for distribution: Grocery line to pick up construction paper, couple pieces of scraps, scissors, glue, newspaper.
Work period-guidance: Suggest making largest areas first, like houses, trees, mountains, snow, etc.  Keep scraps on the newspaper,
Cut squares for letters first, then cut away pieces to make letter.
Cleanup: Put picture on my desk.  Put back scissors,  Take good scraps and put them in box.  Take newspaper and dump little scraps into the wastebasket.  Have someone sweep floor. Put glue on my desk with top closed and wiped off.
Assessment-Evaluation:  Does it look good?  Are there a lot of pieces on it?  Are the letters readable?
Other Teaching Aids:  Samples on the board
Higher Level Questions: Create a story to go along with your picture.  Explain what is good about your picture. Evaluate how your picture could have been improved upon.