Cloning Background with a clone tool

Grade level:  3-5 and up 
Key Concept-Goal: After showing the student how to use the cloning tool in Painter, the student will cone a background into another picture.
Vocabulary: Use computer vocabulary list
Essential Skills-Objectives-Art Aims: The student will learn how to use a cloning tool to join two different pictures.
Engagement Activities- Procedure: Go to file and choose New.  Create your background using whatever tools are assigned.  Save this as a background to the disk.  Clone your background picture.  Pick or create your second picture.  It should be the same size as the first one.  Pick the clone tool in the brushes box.  You should have the second picture open over the cloned background.  Visualize the second picture as a window covered with paste glass cleaner. Use the straight cloner and start wiping off the paste to reveal the background underneath wherever you want it to show.  Put your name on the project and save it to the disk. 
Materials: Painter 6, disk
Organization for distribution: If in a lab situation, make sure everyone has equal time on the computer and know how to save to a disk. If in classroom, use a timer to equalize time on the computer. 
Work period-guidance: Check their pictures as they work.  Answer questions as needed. 
Cleanup: Put save picture disk in the box labeled for their room.
Assessment- Evaluation: Did they do the process correctly?
Other Teaching Aids: Samples
Higher Level Questions: How can this method be helpful?  What are some of the benefits of working on the computer in this way to produce art work?  Can you do more than one picture this way?