Clay Wreath Christmas Ornament

Grade level: 1-2
Key Concept-Goal:  The student will be able to work with clay and be able to form a clay wreath ornament and then paint it to take home
Vocabulary: Use word from the ceramics vocabulary.
Essential Skills-Objectives-Art Aims:  After showing the student how to form the clay wreath and decorate it, the student will make one of their own.
Engagement Activities- Procedure: Teacher makes the clay donuts.  Student will pick one up with a small dab of clay.  Make leaves and berries and stick it to the clay. Put it on the window sill to dry with name tag.  Paint after firing.  Paint acrylic on it after paint is dry to make it shiny.
Materials:  clay, cloths, pointed stick, toothbrush, water. 
paint, water, newspaper, brushes, acrylic polymer.
Organization for distribution: Water on table. Grocery line to pick up clay, cloth and tools.  Painting-paint will be on table, get brushes, clay piece and newspaper. Same with acrylic.  Paint front only.
Work period-guidance: check on neatness, good construction
Cleanup: Each one folds cloth and puts it in box, put back sticks and toothbrush, put clay piece and nametag on board.
Assessment-Evaluation:  Does it hold together?  Does it look neat?
Other Teaching Aids:  Sample and demonstration
Higher Level Questions:  How do you create a clay ornament?  Do you think people made ornaments from clay a long time ago?  What subjects do you think they used?  Why would they decorate something?  Was it to celebrate or honor?