Colorizing Black and White Photo

Grade: 5
Vocabulary...Colorize, clone, opacity.
Objectives...After being shown how to colorize a black and white photo, the student will do so with their own picture. 
Method...Scan picture in color.  Do any corrections in black and white.  Correct any scratches or problems first.  Then use the watercolor brush. Use simple water, choose your size and very low opacity. You can also use wet eraser to erase and pure water brush to blend.  Save to disk or special folder.  Do not use any other tools until finished.  You will dry the picture. 
Materials...Paint 4 or 5.  Computer, disk.
Time allowed...15 minute time sections done with timer. Rotate students on the computers.  Finished projects may take several days. 
Evaluation...Did the student understand the process?  Was the project successful? 
Other resources...samples on board.
Other project possibilities...Try surface effects to change the picture.