Computer Housework
(from Technology workshops that I present)

1. How to make your document folder
If you dont have a document folder>Go to My computer icon on desktop>
File> New> Folder, At the end of the list will appear New Folder.  Right click on name> Rename.
2. You can specialize as many folders within your documents as you need. 
To add folders inside, click on the folder.  Go to file>New> Folder> name it or them.  Make class folders and/or student folders/ or specialty folders.
3. How to put a folder on the desktop
To put it on the desktop> drag onto desktop from my computer.
4. How to format a disk.
Go to My computer> Highlight 3 ½ Floppy A> File> Format.
5. How to save to a disk or folder
In the program you are working in, go to File.>Save As> Little rectangle window with black arrow on the left side> click on arrow, Go to 3 ½ Floppy of C> folder> Open> Type file name> Save.
6. How to change things in the Control Panel:  Resolution, colors, screen savers
Start> Settings> Control Panel> Click> Display>settings (256 for Kid Pix)
7. How to make a shortcut on your desktop of from the Find a file / Program
Go to Start> Find> Files> Type in name> find now (When you find what you want you can drag it off the program onto the desktop.
8. How to copy data from one folder to another (Or disk)
Go to My Computer? Open C.  Go to my computer again (you will have two open side by side)  Click on file or folder you want to copy or move> Copy it> Go where you want it to go and paste it.  Or drag it carefully from one to the other. 
9. How to rename a folder or file.
Click on name with right click> Rename
10. How to find your printer and change the preferences
Go to Start> Settings> Printer.  Click on your printer> Go to file> Properties

Microsoft Word

1. How to change fonts (type and size)
Go to Format> Fonts.  Pick font> Style> Size.  If you want this one always, choose default and say Yes.
2. How to number pages.
Go to insert> Page numbers
3. How to add columns.
Go to format. Columns
4. How to change page margins.
Go to file> Page set up
5. Print Preview
Go to file> Print preview
6. Edit/ Copy/ Paste
Go to Edit. Highlight area in document that you want to affect.  Copy>Move cursor where you want it to go> paste.
7. Insert picture or clipart
Go to insert> Picture (You can use clipart for from file.  Find the folder, select it, put it where you want it.
8. Window- Shows all the files that are open to work with more than one document at a time.


1. How to change cells/ rows/ columns
Go to A  B  C  and drag size.
Go to 1  2  3  or go to Format.  Choose Rows or Columns> Drag the area you want to affect.  Enter size.
2. How to add data.
Click on cell> Go to=  on top and type info
3. How to fix print area.
Drag area you want to affect, Go to file, Print area
4. How to label pages.
Go to file> Page> Setup and change the Header/ footer
5. How to change the font
Drag the area that you want the font to be used in and Change font info.