Corel lettering added on a curve

Grade 5
Vocabulary..Text, font, style, size, path
Objectives..After being shown how to add text to a picture that has already been drawn and saved, the student shall add text in a circle around the image.  They may use an image they have brought in ( a picture of themselves or a pet?)  or a picture that they have drawn and saved before.  Samples will be on the board.
Method..Open a new page in Corel Draw.  Import the image.  Use the circle tool and make a circle where the text is to go.  Click “A” text.  Choose text style and size.  Type message.  Click arrow to select.  Move the dotted square to the circle.  You may size it up at this time.  Put the dotted square on the edge of the circle where you want it.  Go to top and click on Text.  Go to “Fit text to path”.  Put cursor on circle and hold down shift and click.  Choose the way you want to position the word on the circle. Click it into place.  Click out when done.  Type name and room# on the bottom of the page.  Save as…to their class folder. They may print a black and white copy.  The best images may be color printed.
Materials..Corel Draw program, computer, disk.
Time allowed..They may work in 15 minute timer sections.  Rotate the students on the computer.  Finished project may take 2 time periods. 
Evaluation..Did the lettering go with the image?  Did it fit?  Did it go where it was supposed to go?
Depending on the version of Corel Draw that you have, you may have to change these directions somewhat.