Crayon Etching

Grade level:  3-5
Key Concept-Goal:  The key goal is to learn how to do a crayon etching.
Vocabulary:  crayon, etching, overlay, pattern, texture
Essential Skills-Objectives-Art  Aims:  After being shown how to do a crayon etching, the student shall do one of their own.
Engagement Activities- Procedure:  The student will draw a crayon design using light and bright colors.  They will press hard with the crayon and fill in the whole page.  Then they will color over it with a black crayon.  Other Methods:  Cover with black tempera paint that has a little detergent added to it to make it stick, or black India ink. They will completely cover the colored crayon design.  Then they will use a scratch tool to draw a design, animal, or whatever the assignment is. 
Materials:  white paper, crayons, black crayons, newspaper, scratch tool
Organization for distribution: Grocery line to pick up paper and newspaper.  Crayons will be on the desks.
Work period-guidance:  They may not start the black overlay until the teacher has checked the original design.
Cleanup: Make sure name is visible on the picture. Put picture on the teachers desk.  Put crayons back in the containers and scratch tools on the teachers desk.
Assessment- Evaluation:  Does the picture show up?  Is there texture, patterns and designs showing in the etching?
Other Teaching Aids:  Samples on board
Higher Level Questions:  Does the student realize how the combination of two techniques was use to create the etching? 
Subjects I have used:  Designs using varied lines and textures, dried plants-milkweed, mythological creatures, animals.