Handout for Computer Valentine

Grade level-  3rd, 4th and 5th               Program:  Paint
Materials needed:  Disk with your picture, Clipart 1 and 2 files
(I gathered some valentine clipart from the web and created some frames that the kids could used for their picture) on desktop (or on disks or saved on the hard drive in a special file).
Need to know how to do:  “Save As: to disk, Copy and paste.
1.    Put in your floppy disk.
2. Go to “File”.  Open.  Go to Center rectangle with arrow along the side.  Click on the arrow.  Click on “3 ½ Floppy A”.  Click to open up yournamepic.  Example:  Sandypic
3. Erase background carefully with eraser tool.  Use short erasing strokes, so you can undo when needed. Or use the star dotted line and surround your face and copy and paste it without the background on a new page.
4. Go to “File”  Click on “Save As”.  Click on yournamepic.  Save it again.  Choose “Yes” to replace it.  Your face is finished.
5. Go to File and open. Go to Center rectangle with arrow and click on arrow. Open (click on) Desktop. Open Clipart 1.
6. Choose a frame.  Click open.
7. Go to Edit, Select All.  Then go to Edit and Copy.
8. Go to file and open yournamepic from the Floppy disk. 
9. Paste the copied frame over the top of your picture.  At the bottom of the tools list, click on the bottom transparent picture.
10. If the frame doesn’t fit correctly, delete it.  It is still saved in the computer’s memory.1. Manipulate your picture until the picture will fit in the frame.  If you need to make your face smaller, go to Image and select Stretch/Skew.  Go to the 100% spot on horizontal and Vertical.  Change them to 90% each to start.  Do it again if needed. 
12. You can also go to attributes and make the white area bigger.  Then you can put the dotted rectangle around your face and move it to wherever it needs to be.
13. Then paste the frame again.  Manipulate it until your picture is within the frame.  Clean up any area outside the frame.  Use a white brush.
14. Enclose the picture part that you want to save in the dotted rectangle and move it to the upper left hand corner of the screen. 
15. Go to Tools and select the “A” tool for letters.  Choose your font size and style.  Type your 3 word greeting on the bottom of the frame. 
16. Go to Image and select attributes.  Keep making the picture smaller until there is a small border around the picture that you want to save.
17. “Save As” to the disk as yournamepic2.  Example: Sandypic2
18. If at anytime a sign comes up on your screen that says you do not have sufficient space on disk, go to your teacher and ask for a new disk.  This will be labeled with your name “B”.
19. Go to file and click on new.
20. Go to attributes and make the white square the size to type your greeting.  (300x300 should do)
21.  Go to the “A” in the tool box.  Choose the font and size you want.
22. Type your greeting.  If it doesn’t fit, change the size of the  font.  Be sure to capitalize and space the words correctly.
23.  When finished, sign the greeting with your name and room #.
24. “Save As” to your floppy disk with yournamewrite.
25. If you want to add clipart open the Clipart 2 file and pick the one you want.  Open it.  You can use Stretch and Skew under image to make the clipart larger or smaller. 
26. Go to Edit and copy it. 
27. Reopen yournamewrite.
28. Paste your clipart where you want it. 
29. “SaveAs” again as yournamewrite.
30. Give the disk to your teacher. She will put the two together and print it.