The Temple of Eldar

     I am Syrylyn RainbowDragon, the High Priestess of the Temple of Eldar.  We were formed in May of 1985.  We have done rituals for most of the last 20 years.  We are a pagan grove with members and participants that are pagan, wiccan, and of various other heathen/ pagan interests.  We started with a core group of 4, who we called the council.  Syrylyn (me), L.drac, (my husband), Cliendori, and Arramar were the original council. Arramar was chosen as the High Priest and he chose me as the High Priestess.  Arramar left this plane in 1995 and Cliendori left the area in 1994.  We then added Andres (our Druen Gwen) to the council and now the council is 3.  We do most of the Sabbats, but very few of the Moons as a group.  We are not an open group, but if we meet people who seem compatible and are interested in doing ritual with us, we have been known to invite them to our rituals.  We have had many members in the past, some who have gone to other planes, some who have moved from here on this one, some who no longer are interested.   I will add pages to this section as I can.  And here are some links to further Temple of Eldar subjects.

The Order of the Temple of Eldar

The Eldar Tradition

Group picture of the Eldar members

Links to some of the original Eldar Rituals

Pictures from some of the Eldar Rituals