Vocabulary...Embossing, Magic wand, isolate, copy, cut, paste.
Objectives...After being shown how to emboss with the Magic Wand and other tools, the student will create their own embossed design. 
Method...Create design on white background.  You might use a calligraphy pen.  Use magic wand to isolate the design by taping the design.  Go to Select and invert.  Go to edit and copy.  Then cut.  Open second new paper.  Paint or fill a background.  Save as.  Paste first image into second image.  Go to Effects, Surface control, Surface texture, set the bar to 3.1. OK.   Sign your name.  Save to disk or special folder.
Materials...Painter 4 or 5.  Computer, disk.
Time allowed...15 minute time sections done with timer. Rotate students on the computers.  Finished projects may take several days. 
Evaluation...Did the student understand the process?  Was the project successful? 
Other resources...samples on board.
Other project possibilities...Try to use a name or a black and white picture or drawing.