Sacred to Roman God-Goddess Februus- Juno Februa, mother of Mars and goddess of the passion of love and  purifier and protector of the home. Homes were cleaned and blessed, offerings of reparation were given, and peace was made.  Ethnic Equality Month.

1 Imbolc,Oimelc is the fire festival between Yule and the vernal equinox.
(Celtic Earth-mother, Goddess of Fire, Wisdom, Poetry and sacred Wells),
Ethnic Equality Month--
Time to honor all peoples and their positive traditions; time to meditate on the equality of all peoples, on the respect due to them.
2  Candlemas
Initiation of Witches,
Groundhog day,
The festival of Juno Februa, the presiding Goddess of the month.
Wives' feast day.
Old European Lunar New Year-
Celebration of the Triple Goddess (Goddess of the Moon and the Seasons) being transformed from the Crone into the Virgin; celebrated with ritual bathing of divine images.
Festival of Ceres-
Sacred to goddess of grain.  
3  Anthesterion Noumenia-Old Greek festival honoring all the Gods and Goddesses
feast of  Brigid of Ireland,  the Celtic Goddess of the seasons, doctors, poets, smiths  and women in childbirth, merged with the Christian feast of St. Brigid. Fires were lit to welcome Her as She traveled about blessing fields, animals, and people.
Powamu Festival
Blessing of the Throats
4  King frost day.
Mid-Winter/Groundhog's Day/Candlemas-
Festival marking the transformation from death to life - the beginning of the agricultural year, awakening of hibernating animals, and return of migrating birds and fish. Observed with a candlelight procession to bless fields and seeds, recognition of newborns, and contemplation of life.
Dionysus, festival of Greek God in which vines were pruned and sprinkled with wine, accompanied by ritual singing and dancing  2/1 to 2/14  

5  St. Agatha,
the Roman goddess of women, luck and fertility- day is for telling fortunes and practicing divination. 
Druid feast of air spirits
Iroquois Mid-Winter Ceremony--
for continuation of all life-sustaining things; celebrated with tobacco offerings, confession of offenses, singing, drumming, dancing, name-giving, and dream-telling. Iroquois consider themselves kin to all of Nature.

6  Feast of Egyptian Goddess Isis, the Healer--recalls Set (God of Challenges and Chaos) poisoning child God Horus, and Isis intervening, defeating Set, and healing Horus.
(Greek Goddess of Love)
Feast of Ia

St. Dorthea’s Day
Feast of Greek Deities Aphrodite and Eros-Day to honor love and passion.  
7  Festival of Li Chum (China)
8  Feast of Greek Goddess Artemis (Roman Diana/Slavic Diwitsa) - as creatrix, midwife of birthing creatures, protector of the young, and punisher of child abusers.
Greek festival honoring Dionysus as Plouton, God of the dead, and welcoming the visiting dead from Elysium. [The new wine was presented to Dionysos, and libations were made.] also 2/12-2/13
Star Festival
9 Feast of Apollo, the god of the sun, which celebrates the increasing light of the new year after the darkness of midwinter.   Apollo is also the god of archery, agriculture, animal husbandry, crops, cattle, farmers, shepherds, sheep, poetry, medicine, prophesy and ethics.
Narvik Sun Pagaent
10 Anaitis (Persian)
11 Our Lady at Lourdes-On this day in 1858 the apparition appeared in a grotto which had been a shrine of the good goddess for centuries.
12 Artemis or Diana, the virgin goddess of the moon and the hunt who assists in childbirth and guards the young. 
The runic half-month of Sigel begins.
This represents the force of good and ascendancy over darkness.
Lincoln’s Birthday  
13  Old leap year's day.
St. Matthias
Festival at the beginning of the Norse Spring. Offerings were made to the Deities (particularly Odin and Frigg, Freyr and Freyja)
Observed from the Ides of Februarius until the Feralia. It is a time to honor the manes, or spirits of the ancestors. All but the last day is for private commemoration of the dead, but for the whole temples are closed, magistrates do not wear their togas of office, and no marriages may be performed. Offerings are made to the dead, particularly to ancestors of one's own family.  
14 St. Valentine's day is a festival of love. It is also sacred to the as yet unborn Norse god Vali, the archer, and to Juno Februa, the goddess of love. Girls should decorate their pillows with five bay leaves, to dream of their lovers.
Lupercalia is a Roman festival to the god Faunus, an aspect of Pan, who protects agriculture and gives oracles. It is a festival of much revelry.
15 Sigfrid This is day is sacred to the Nordic hero.
16 Celebration of Victoria (Roman)
Navajo Sing--
Festival in which fields are blessed in preparation for planting. Navajos believe Estsanatlehi/Changing Woman wields the power to constantly create and change the world.
Devil's Dance
(Tibetan New Year)
17 The Celtic tree month of Luis ends.
Roman festival for bread, ovens and the goddess thereof.  It is also a festival for the growing of plants.
Quirinalia sacred to Quirinus, one of the Capitoline Triad of gods (Jupiter, Mars, and Quirinus). It is also known as the Feast of Fools.  

Birth of Kali
(Hindu Destoyer-Goddess)
18 Celtic tree month of Nuin begins.
Persian festival honoring women.
Tacita, Roman Goddess of silence and the halting of unfriendly speech and hostile tongues.
Spenta Armaiti (Persia),
Festival of Women
19  The goddess month of Bridhe ends.
Lesser Eleusinian Mysteries-
Old Greek festival celebrating the marriage of Goddess Kore and God Dionysos, following their return from Elysium. 2/21 eve to 2/28 eve
20  The goddess month of Moura begins.
Day of Tacita
 21  Feralia, Roman observance when the manes, or spirits of the dead were abroad in the world.  It began with the private ceremonies of the Parentalia.  Offerings of food were made at tombs by family members.
22 Charistia or Caristia-Roman festival for renewing family ties and patching up quarrels
Roman festival of the goddess of peace and harmony, the feast of good will,  a day on which all disputes are to be resolved.
Washington’s Birthday
23 Terminalia the Roman festival of Terminus, the god of boundary stones and markers. Boundary stones themselves are decorated with garlands, and sacrifices and feasts were held at boundary stones by adjacent landowners.
Hygeia’s Day  
24 - Shiva (Hindu God of Destruction and Renewal)
26 Pentagram Night
27 The runic half-month of Tyr begins. The rune Tyr signifies self discipline and sacrifice to further an end.
A festival of horse racing dedicated to Mars, god of war and agriculture.  
28  Zamyaz(Ancient Percian Diety),
Earth Goddesses: Ceres, Demeter, Gaia, Ge, Mauri
29 Leap year's day. Traditionally this is the day of the year when women can propose marriage to men.