Junius (sacred to Juno chief Roman goddess) Known as the queen of heaven,
she was seen as the protector of women, and that is why June became accepted
 as the best month to marry.   partner of Jove (God of Happiness),
protector of marriage and family, and punisher of abusive and adulterous spouses.

1 Juno Moneta Sacred to Juno Moneta (Juno the Warner), the aspect of Juno who warns of impending disasters and harmful events. It was her sacred geese who warned the Romans of the impending attack by the Gauls in 363 a.u.c. (389 BCE)
Mars-anniversary of the dedication of the Temple of Mars near the Capena gate.
Carna- Goddess of door hinges as well as bodily health. She has the power to ward off stirges (vampires) from babies who are left in their cribs unattended. On this day prayers are offered to her for the health of the liver, heart, and other internal organs.
Carna (Roman Goddess of Doors and Locks)
Tempestatibus- Tempestates, Goddesses of weather and storms in particular.
Skirophorion Noumenia-  Greek festival honoring all the Gods and Goddesses.
2 Mother Earth day, fecund aspect
Shabatu of Ishtar
Ursula Sontheil's day, a seer in Cambridge and the patroness of women who wash clothes.
3  Bellona- Goddess of war
Bona Dea,
Kuan Yin,
4  Socrates birthday 470 BCE.
Hercules Magno Custodi- Hercules the Great Custodian.
Athena - as protector and defender
5  Domna, the Irish goddess of sacred stones and cairns.
Dius Fidius  "Divine Faith" (associated with Semo Sancus). He is associated with the taking of oaths and the making of treaties, and a common oath formula is "medius fidius" or "me dius fidius". Such oaths had to be made outdoors, in view of the sky.
The Rain People,
Earth Mothers(Native American),
Corn Dance
Feast of Aphrodite and Hermes--Day to honor the divine feminine and divine masculine in harmony.
6 Bendida of Bendis (Lunar Goddess of the Balkan Peninsula)
7  Vesta Aperit sanctuary of the temple of the Vesta in old Rome was opened.
8 Mens, Roman festival of the goddess Mens Bona, the patroness of conscience, of right thinking and the mind.
Lindisfarne day (Norse)
All Chinese Grain-Gods
9 the Celtic tree month of Huath ends
Vestalia Festival of Vesta, the Roman goddess of fire and of the  hearth. Her handmaidens were the Vestal Virgins of Rome, who kept the holy  fires alight. 
10 The celtic tree month of Duir begins
 Duir is the oak tree, the tree which Druids revere above all others.
11 Matralia  The festival of Mater Matuta, Goddess of growth, childbirth, motherhood, and the raising of children. On this day mothers are honored by their children and husbands, and mothers pray for their children and the children of their siblings.
Festival of Fortuna, Goddess of fate, women, fertility, chance, luck, and fortune.
12 The Goddess month of Hera ends.
13 The goddess month of Rosea begins
Quinquatrus Also known as the "Lesser Quinquatria"  It is a festival of the tibicines (flute-players who play at religious occasions to drown out any ill-omened noises). For three days they wander the city in masks and festive clothing, making music and livening up everyday business. It is also sacred to Minerva, who is the patron Goddess of the tibicines. In ancient times they would meet at Her temple and then go to the temple of Jupiter for a feast
Festival of the Greek goddess Athena, known in Rome as Minerva,   Goddess of crafts and trade guilds and of the wise use of power, associated with the Greek Athena.
14 Runic half-month of Dag begins-The rune Dag symbolizes light, health, prosperity and the culmination of the year.
Vidar, one of the sons of Odin. When the Aesir gods die, Vidar will be charged with slaying the wolf Fenrir, and will thus become a god of the new world.
Jagannath (A Benevolent Incarnation of the Indian God Vishnu),
Lesser Quinquatras
15 Ides of June,
Vestalia Roman goddess Vesta. It's the women's' festival of first fruits, and the day on which the sanctuary at the temple of Vesta in old Rome was closed.
16 - Silver Chalice Day,
Night of the Teardrop
17 Festival of Ludi Piscatari, sacred to fishermen.
Eurydice (Greek Tree Nymph/Underworld Goddess)
18 Anna (Roman Goddess),
Dragon Boat Festival
19 Day of all Heras- women who have achieved knowledge of the good goddess.
20 Day of Cerridwen (Celtic Goddess of Fertility),
Feast of the Great Spirit/Great Mystery that encompasses Mother Earth and Father Sky - honoring Deity as Orenda (Iroquois), Asgaya Galun Lati (Cherokee), Wakan Tanka (Lakota) & Awonawilona (Zuni).
Inti Rayni--Inca festival honoring Sun God Inti.
Lakota Sun Dance--Festival of prayer, fasting, dancing, and healing in honor of Sun God Wi; offerings are also made to Maka/Mother Earth and Haokah/Father Sky. Lakotas believe all Deities are aspects of Creator Takuskanskan.
21 Summer solstice,
the Druidic festival of Alban Hefin,
the Anglo-Saxon festival of Litha and the longest day of the year.  
22 Dance of the Lily
23 The Green Man,
Day of Cu Chulain,
24 Fors Fortuna, Goddess of good fortune and of luck. Her festival is a spirited affair, with both people on foot and some on flower-bedecked boats attending. Gardeners bring their vegetables and flowers to market, and then sing solemn prayers to Fors Fortuna. The festival is especially marked by florists and other trades people, but is widely celebrated by the common folk,
Today is also midsummer day in many older calendars. Tradition has it that one should light bonfires on hilltops today, to celebrate the apex of the year.
Zuni Corn Dance--for fertility and rains to aid the maize, bean, and squash crops. Prayer sticks are planted in the fields.
25 Parvati (Indian goddess)
26 Salavi (Native American Spruce Tree/Rain God),
The Corn Mothers,
The Kachinas
27 Initium Aestatis-  Festival of Aestas, the Roman goddess of summer, and is the beginning of summer in the Roman calendar. Traditionally, if rain falls today it will be a wet summer.
Jupiter Stator  ("Jupiter the Stayor"), who aids warriors in staying their ground in the face of adversity. Twenty-seven maidens sing a hymn to Juno as they process through the city.
God of the Summer Sun(Native American, Plains Tribe),
Anetophoria Festival,
28 Runic new year's eve -close of the runic year, and the final day of the month of Dag. Today signifies completion.
Hemera(Greek Goddess of Day)
29 Runic new year, the runic half-month of Feoh begins
Today begins the first month of the runic year, Feoh, sacred to Frey and Freyja, the god and goddess of the earth.
 In East Anglia, today is considered the proper day for gathering herbs.
Hercules Musarum  "Hercules of the Muses". Men of letters offer their respects to the more peaceful aspects of Hercules, as well as the nine Muses who govern the arts.
Papa Legba(Voodoo God of Crossroads),
Zuni Corn Dance--for fertility and rains to aid the maize, bean, and squash crops. Prayer sticks are planted in the fields.
30  Hekate, who guides all through transitions and crisis.
Aestas(Roman Corn-Goddess of Summer),
Changing Woman(Native American), Chicomecoatl(Aztec),
The Corn Mothers,
Spider Woman(Native American),
Hekatombaion Noumenia--Old Athenian New Year; festival honoring all the Gods and Goddesses.]