List of Projects:  Kid Pix

1. Alphabet Book- One letter per student, do as a class project, display as a mural or bulletin board.  Use drawing tools, typing tools, stamps etc.
You can also use a digital camera and have them take pictures for each letter, such as desk for D, or Chair for C.
2. Type Spelling words using Stamp letters
3. Make a slide show to tell a story.  Assign each student to a different part.
4. Counting pages using stamps.  1-*
5. How many is 100?  Use stamps or draw something and copy and paste it 100 times.
6. Grouping- use stamps to group in sets of 2ís 5ís, etc.
7. Science- How a tree grows, how a plant grows , make a page for each stage, show them in a slide show.
8. Draw pictures of what you are studying- dinosaurs, insects, rainforest, desert, mountains, weather, neighborhoods, etc.  Write a short description in each picture.  Make a slide show.
9. Make a personal page using drawing, stamps,  You can add things like favorite foods, colors, age, name, pets, interests.
10. Make a map of something- neighborhood, pirate treasure, buried gold in the mountains.
11. Make a whole slideshow about one person.  Design the storyboard to include a title page, drawing of them, interests, places, etc.
12. Make a pattern using stamps.
13. Design a house.  Can use textures, fills, stamps
14. Make a floor plan of a house. 
15. Sorting and classifying.  Put stamps together that are similar.
16. Awesome awards-Motherís Day, Christmas gifts, Valentines
17. Flags- Design one or draw the flag of a country they are studying
18. Class Cookbook- Have them bring in a one page simple recipe, decorate the page and put them all together.
19. Family Tree.
20. Gift Certificates- Babysitting, wash dishes, mow grass, car wash.
21. Thank You cards
22. Labels for Jars, Canning
23. Games, Pieces- Board
24. Slide show on a theme
25. Add illustration to story (insert into Word)
26. Research Reports
27. Work sheets- Math, science, Language arts, spelling etc.
28. Mother's Day card- Use a digital camera and put photo in a frame.  Write a greeting around the frame, using rotate tools to turn the picture.
29.  Make a sky map of the planets.