Poster made with Markers

Grade level: 3-5
Key Concept-Goal: The student will create a poster with words, phrases, markers, colors, drawings to convey an idea.  The student will understand and create, by applying a wide variety  of media, techniques, and processes, to express visual ideas, feelings, and values through the use of art elements and principles.
Vocabulary: poster, markers, idea, theme, calligraphy.
Essential Skills-Objectives-Art  Aims:  The student will learn to create a poster using a theme.  They will draw and write their letters to help convey that theme. 
Engagement Activities- Procedure:  The students will write their ideas for the poster and plan it out on a scrap piece of paper.  They will check their spelling and grammar.  The student will then create and draw their poster.  They will lightly pencil in lines using a ruler to help keep the letters as straight as possible.  They can add drawings on the edge or within the poster.  They will decorate the edge.
Materials: 12x18 construction paper, use a light color.  Markers.
Organization for distribution: Write their idea out first on a scrap piece of paper  This could be homework to be done in advance.
Work period-guidance: Lightly pencil in the words.  Check with teacher before starting with marker.  Then used the markers carefully.  Remember you can not erase the marker.  You can, however cut out a mistake and re-glue a piece of new paper under the cutout.
Cleanup: Put markers back in the containers.
Assessment-Evaluation: Does the poster convey a theme?  Are all the words spelled correctly?  Is it neat?  Did the student use the materials, techniques and processes correctly?  Did the student consider the elements and principles of design?
Other Teaching Aids and Resources:  Visuals on the board.  Talk about the artist Sark from the catalog.  Discuss copyrights.  Magazines:  School Arts; Arts and Activities, Textbook:  Discover Art., Examples and Visuals.
Higher Order Thinking Skill Questions:  What did you have to think about to create this poster?  What kind of things did you want to include to convey this theme?  Why were the markers used?  Do you think this was a good idea?  Why or why not?  Did it make the poster more casual?  Would you have rather painted it?