Monochromatic Landscape

Computer Program: (Painter 4-6)
Grade:  4-5
Vocabulary:  Monochromatic, Shades, Tints, Texture, Highlights, Light Source, Mood, Variety, Techniques.
Objectives:  After explaining what monochromatic means and demonstrating how to do a monochromatic painting or drawing, the student will make one themselves.
Method:  They will create a landscape from one color only, adding shades, and tints.  They can choose to work with a colored sheet of paper.  When picking a new sheet, they can change the paper color.  On the Color wheel they may pick the hue they are going to work with on the outside of the wheel .  They should not change it throughout the picture.  They should work only inside the triangle, changing the shades and tints.  They may use chalk, paint, airbrush, water or ink.  They may use a variety of techniques on the picture, but keep a consistent feel to it.  They should not use a lot of techniques just to be using them.  Have them keep the elements and principles of design in mind as they are working on the picture.  When finished they should sign the bottom of the picture and Save As to their classroom folder. (They should stop and save the Picture as they are working.)
Materials:  Computer, paper, Painter 4-6, disk 
Time allowed:  Computer lab or 15 minute time sessions timed with a timer.  Rotate students on the computers. Finished project may take several weeks. Once a student has completed 3 or 4 time periods, he should be able to print a project. 
Evaluation:  Consider the elements and principles of design.  Is the picture monochromatic?  Does it reflect a mood?  Has the picture been rendered carefully, with consistent technique? 
Other resources:  Samples on board, visuals done by other artists.
Other project possibilities:  Have the student do the project in only warm or cool colors.   They could also write a story, poem or descriptions about this landscape.