Name Tags made on the computer
      The nice thing about using computer name tags is I could run the sheet off my computer whenever I need them. I typed everyones name with room number in Word using two columns.  I saved it under the room number and would regularly add and subtract names as the students came and went. 
     Name tags come in handy for many things.  I used them for clay projects so I could read the names of the student who created them and inscribe their names on the clay pieces myself at the end of the day while they were still somewhat moist or leatherhard.  This way I could be sure of understanding who they belonged to.  I would add room number and if there was room, the month and year. 
     I also would used them to fasten to stitchery pieces with the needle pointed in and out through the name tag and piece like an arrow through the heart.
     I have used them for name tags on wet or glued stuff such as paper mache.
     I have used them for lottery tickets.  Often I would give everyone a ticket at the beginning of the class and if they made it through the class time without getting into trouble for bad behaviour, they could put it in the lottery box at the door.  Periodically I would draw name out and give prizes.  Sometimes pencils, erasers, and other odd and assorted things I might find.  When I retired I gave away all of my samples that I had been saving and using for years.  I had over 125 prizes to give.  The kids really enjoyed that and were very please to get my art examples.  Many of the visuals I have used on this web page were given away that day.  I used a digital camera to capture the images of the samples.