1 Day of the Dead- Mexican
Isia-Egypt, the finding of Osiris.
The third station of the year is a time of release, when seeds fall to the ground.
All Souls' day- At sunset bonfires should be lit
Reign of the Goddess as the old woman-all month.
All Saints (All Hallows) Day.
Ireland-Day of the Banshees.
Rite of Helia- to raise the dead in Scandinavia
2  St. Eustace-(see Nov 4- St. Humbert)
All Souls Day.
Memorial Day in Brazil
Hopi & Zuni Ancestors' Day--Food offerings are put into rivers and lakes in honor of the ancestors.
Aztec Day of the Dead--Day for honoring the departed and Mictlancihuatl-Miclanteuctli, Goddess-God of the Dead. Aztecs believe all Gods are united in Great God Ometeuctli, all Goddesses are united in Great Goddess Omecihuatl, and the Great God and Goddess are united in Ometeoltl.
3  Festival for the New Year-Gaelic.Today is traditionally the day for bringing cattle down from the hills in preparation for winter.
St. Malachy feast day.
St Hubert
4  St. Humbert’s (priest confronted by a stag with a cross in his horns when hunting.) Mass in Belgium.
5  Guy Fawkes night-a night for burning the effigies of bad spirits of the old year, besides the Guy himself, to clear the path to the new year.
Wowuchim, Hopi new fire ceremony to Masaw, God of Death and Spider Woman, the Earth Mother of Life
Cycle of emergence of the World. (Lasts 16 days),
St. Kea feast day,
St. Martin de Porres feast day,
Egyptian Day.
6  Birthday of Tiamat, Great Mother of Babylon
St. Leonard of Noblacs 
Ride feast day
7  Night of Hecate
Makahild festival,
Aloha week and Hawaiian Harvest festival for the God Lono.
The seventh day of the moon belongs to Leto.
Feasts of Isis and Demeter 7-9
World Community Day--Day for celebrating the unity behind diversity and remembering we are all one people - all children of the one universal Deity of many names and aspects. ,
8  Mania, Greek or Roman festival for the manes- spirits of the netherworld,
Gwynn ap Nudd, the lord of the færie world opens the door to our world.  The door is said to be on Glastonbury Tor, in Britain.
Festival of the Goddess of the Kitchen Range ,
Fuigo Matsuri,
Shinto festival in honor of Inari or Huttsui No Kami-Japanese,
Four Crowned Martyrs Stonemasons) feast day.
9  Feast of the four crowned martyrs, recognized by freemasons.
Loy Krathong in Thailand,
Feast of lights to appease the water spirits, dedicated to Mae Kongkha, Goddess of Rivers.
The ninth day of the Moon is Rhea’s.
Druid feast of water spirits
10  Martinmas Eve,
The Pagan Scots festival of Nincnevin, Nicnevin,  (Diana), which honors the goddess of the hunt.
Festival of the goddess of Reason,
Old November Eve. 
Kali Puji in India for Kali, destroyer of Evil.
11  Old November Day (Samhain day of the dead) ,
Festival of Einherjar, (Spiritual Warriors who protect the Gods),
Lunantishees, day of the Sidhe, the Irish festival for the spirits who guard blackthorn trees.
Martinmas- St. Martin (Elegua-Santeria) of Tours feast day.
Anglo-Teutonic fast marking Hod (God of Darkness) unintentionally killing Balder (God of Light), and his true love Nanna (Goddess of Flowers) dying of a broken heart.
Norse day of heroes
12  Epulum Jovis in Capitoli (Rome),
Twelfth day of the Moon/Month belongs to Demeter.
Tewa Buffalo Dance--focused on healing. Tewa rites honor Mother Earth, Father Sky, and the four directions and elements of life - air of the North, earth of the East, fire of the South, and waters of the West.
13   The runic half-month of Nyd (Necessity) begins, begins the preparations for winter
Roman festival honoring Feronia, Juno, Minerva and Jupiter.
Isis resurrects Osiris,
St. Homobonus feast day,
St. Stanislaus Kostka feast day.
In Rome, the Fontinalia, for Fons the God of Springs.
In Spain, Our Lady of Garagandal or Carmel, a vision of the Great Goddess by four children in 1965.
14   Eskimo Asking Festival, give away celebration.
In India, Children’s day, for Children’s Goddesses Rumina,
Bona Dea,
St. Dubricus, who is said to have crowned King Arthur. 
Moccas, (Celtic Fig-Tree Goddess/Pig Goddess) ,
Feast of the Musicians,
Equirum Probatio
15  In Italy, the Feronia, ancient Goddess of Fire, Fertility and Woodlands,
Goddess Feronia. 
In Japan, Schichi-go-san, Seven-Five-Three Day for the safety of children of these ages. 
St. Albert feast day.
St Leopold
16  Sunset today marks the beginning of Hecate night, when the goddess of Wicca is celebrated, Deepvali or Diwali in Indian,
Celebration of lights and the New Year for Kali, destroyer of evil. 
St Gertrude,
St Margaret
St. Edmond of East Anglia feast day.
Threefold Goddess,
Lakshmi, Festival of Lights
17  Feast of St. Hilda, patron of professional women.
The seventeenth day of the Moon/month is for Ashi Vanguhi, Persian Goddess of the waning moon.
St. Gregory the Wonderworker feast day,
St. Hugh of Lincoln feast day,
Martyrs of Paraguay feast day.
St. Elizabeth of Hungary
18  Day of Ardvi Sura, Persian Goddess, Mother of the Stars.   
19  Bharatri Dwitya, Hindu festival of Sisters and Brothers. 
Mary, Mother of  Divine  Providence
Yama, God of Death visits his sister Yamuna, a River Goddess. 
20  Festival of Prætextatus and Paulina,  custodians and guardians of the Eleusinian mysteries.
In Mexico, Revolution day dedicated to the Virgin of Guadualupe (Mary),
St. Edmond of East Anglia feast day
Fast for an Abundant World Harvest--Day to fast and commit to action to help prevent deaths from malnourishment world-wide,
21  Day of Kulkalcan, (Mayan God.) 
The presentation of Mary in the temple.
22  Festival of Artemis Calliste- St. Cecilia), patroness of music.
Druid feast of the musicians, 
St. Felicity feast day.
Ullr(God of Wintertime and Archery) 0r
Ydalir in Norse tradition, the god of archery and skiing. 
23  Norse god Wayland the Smith, the patron of blacksmiths and metal-workers.
St. Clements day. 
The Nihinahe or Shinjosai Festival for Konohana-Hime, Diviner Ata Princess, granddaughter of Amaterasu the Sun Goddess. 
Celebration of the rice harvest and saki, rice liquor. 
Hopi & Zuni Shalako Festival--welcoming back to the pueblos the Kachinas/Kokos - Spirits of Nature and the ancestors that provide protection, health, fertility, and food.
24 The feast of the burning lamps in Egypt for Isis, Osiris and later for Minerva. 
The Celtic tree month of Ngetal ends
Poseideon Noumenia--Old Greek festival honoring all the Gods and Goddesses.
All Egyptian Goddesses of Light and Birth, Tori-no-Ichi Festival
25  Persephone, Proserpina, Kore, festival of the goddess of the netherworld,  who presides over the spirits of the dead
St. Catherine of Alexandria feast day (patron saint of unmarried women)
Women's' merrymaking day-Festival of women’s mysteries. 
Celtic tree month of Ruis begins
26  In Tibet, festival of Lights, for Goddesses of Light and Fire:  Oya, Brigid, Vesta,
The twenty-sixth day of the Moon/Month belongs to Cerridwen and to Arstat, “who makes the world grow”,
Paracelcus birthday
Feast of Greek Goddess Athena - as protector and defender.
27 Gujeswari(Indian Mother-Goddess),
Day of Parvati-Devi in India, Mother of the Universe who divided herself into three forms, Sarasvati, Lakshmi and Parvati,
Maiden, Mother and Crone,
The three Fates,
the Norns.
Feast of Greek Deities Aphrodite and Hermes--Day to honor the divine feminine and divine masculine in harmony,
Wreath Making day
28   Day of Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom and Inner Truth.
 Runic half month of Is (stasis) which represents ice, a time of enforced rest and the cessation of movement and growth,
Goddess month of Astraea, the Greek goddess of justice begins.
Advent begins
29  Festival of Hathor as Sekhmet in Egypt, Lioness and Sun Goddess,
Beer Goddess, the alternate of Bast.
Festival of the sons of Saturn , St. Saturnius, surname of Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto.
St Andrew's Eve
30  Roman festival of Andros, the personification of manhood and virility also known as St. Andrew feast day.
Day of Mawu. Creator of the universe from chaos,
Skadi(Scottish Goddess),
African Dahomey Great Mother.
Day of Hecate at the crossroads, the darkest moon.