Collage Patterns
     Make a set of patterns for all occasions.  Use light cardboard or chipboard.  Write “Pattern” on all of them and make sure they are all returned at the end of the project.  Keep them in labeled containers.  Make at least 30 of each. Holly leaf, poinsettia petals, flower petals (pointed and round end), leaves, bells, stars of all sizes, flower pot, one butterfly wing, turkey feather, turkey head, circles of all sizes, boots, hats, bows.
These can be used for collages for these projects:  Butterfly, Turkey, Wreath, Poinsettia plant, Toy soldier, Angel, Santa, Tree, Flowers.
Cut the construction paper into sizes that the patterns will fit on nicely.  Some can be folded in half to cut two at a time.  This saves a waste of scraps.  Put mistakes and large scraps into a scrap box to use for small stuff such as eyes, hands and such.  Throw scraps away at the end of collage projects and start again when new collage projects start, or else you will end up with trash boxes.
Keep a box of dots from the paper punch to use for seeds, ornaments, and snow.  Keep the white dots in a separate box.  Tell the children to take a teeny amount at a time and return what they do not use.  That will save wear and tear on your hands from punching out more dots.  Paper punching can be tiring.  Do this well in advance of the projects.