Clay Pinch Pot

Grade level: 1-2
Key Concept-Goal: After being shown how to make a pinch pot, the student will make a pinch pot container.
Vocabulary: Use the whole ceramic vocabulary list.
Essential Skills-Objectives-Art Aims:  The aim is to learn how to manipulate and form a piece out of clay.  Sequencing.
Engagement Activities- Procedure:  Roll clay into a ball of clay.  Divide it in half.  Put thumb in the middle and press out bowl shape making a pinch pot.  You can decorate it with textures with sticks, or decorate it with engobes on the unfired clay.
Materials:   Clay, cloths, sticks, tools, water toothbrush, brush, engobe.
Organization for distribution: Grocery line to get cloths, clay and tools. Water and toothbrush will be on the tables.  Other decorating tools will be available
Work period-guidance:  Be careful working with the clay.  Keep area as clean as they can.  Do not roll it on the cloth too much or the clay will dry out.  Ask teacher for special advice.
Cleanup:  Put clay in a plastic bag if it is not finished with name tag.  Put on board on the windowsill with name tag underneath it if it is finished.  Put extra clay back in big bag, tools back in their special jars, cloths folded and back in their crate.
Assessment-Evaluation:  Is it a container?  Is it hollow inside?  Does it look right?
Other Teaching Aids and Resources:  Samples and demonstration.
Higher Order Thinking Skill Questions:  What is clay?  How is it gathered?  Why would you use clay to make a pot?  How can you be creative with clay? How do you think man discovered how to make clay hard?  What do you think they made out of clay and why?
Variations of pinch pot:  You could make a Native American design using engobes.  You could glaze the inside.  You could use marble beads to glaze inside of pot.  You could decorate and texturize pot with pointed sticks.  You could glaze a clear glaze over the engobe or paint acrylic over the engobe.