The Sun  
What we are becoming, purpose, identity, self, the main ingredient, the nature of the individual, character, ego, awareness, will, individuality, consciousness, vitality, power, where we can make a significant contribution, life force of the zodiac, shows how you express your creative urges through conscious acts of will, what soul craves, drive.
The Moon
Emotional responses, memories of past experiences, sensitivity, feelings, instinct, subconscious, purpose to sustain and nurture, fears, personality, dreams of the subconscious, shows your unconscious emotional reactions to situations based on early childhood experiences and family training, other side of the mirror.
Communication, education, reflection, thought, mental focus, intellect, mentality, position in the zodiac describes your thought process and how you make decisions, way you learn, modes of communication preferred, emcee of the zodiac.
What you love, beauty, values, culture, obtaining, acquiring, harmony, affection, how you give of yourself, how you express your feelings for others, how you attract the good things in life-both physical and spiritual artistic eye of the zodiac.
How you use your physical energy in expressing your needs, assertion, how one takes risks, where one puts effort, men-sexual potency and drive, women- kind of man attracted to, initiative, passion, action, force, competition, courage, determination, violence, anger.
Challenge us to expand in spiritual, physical, mental and emotional energies, good fortune, luck, opportunity, benefits, preservation, largeness, stability or stagnation, enthusiasm, adventurousness, the philosopher of the zodiac and the comedian, how you express your need to grow, interests in the higher values of life and how you share interests with others.
Authority, duty, security, how you face responsibility, hindrances, lessons, problems, integrity, control, restraints, limitations, discipline, father identity in the world, social conscience, caution, restraint, wise sage and professor of the zodiac.
Uniqueness, change, unusual ideas, unpredictable self-expression, independent, intentional, about motivation, goals and originality, assists in liberating us from limitations, non-conformity, cosmic consciousness, Braveheart of the zodiac.
Intuition, what is illusion and what is reality, mystic, deception, delusion, inspiration, imagination, hidden mysteries, confusion, unreal, intrigues, conspiracy, sensitivity, oppression, persecution, person’s spirituality, abstract thinking, psychic of the zodiac.
Transformation, regeneration, drastic change, power, death-rebirth, obsession, control, one who can bring new developments into the world, money and power, karmic responsibility, action slow, ponderous and inescapable, revitalization, turmoil.