Radial Design made with a Compass
Illustration version
1.Draw circle.
2. Keep radius of compass the same as the circle and put the point of the compass on the outside of circle.  Curve a line from left side of circle to right. (curve 1 is point a to point b.)
3. Put point of compass where the curve touches circle on right point b.
4. Make curve #2 from c to d.
5. Put compass point where curve #2 touches circle on right point d.
6. Make curve #3 from b to e.
7. Put point at e.
8. Make curve #4 from d to f..
9. Put point at f.
10. Make curve #5.from e to a
11. Put point at a.
12. Make curve #6.from f to c.
13. Make smaller circle. 
14. Point a. place compass point and make same design as you did on the bigger circle, but put points in between the points of the bigger design. 
15. Use a ruler and make ruler lines from point to point.
16. Put name and room # at the bottom of design.
17. They may color in the design.  Use colored pencils or skinny markers.  Limit to 2 or 3 colors.  Repeat colors to form a pattern.  See additional examples.