My Resume
    Since I have retired from teaching, I am available to teach technology workshops to other educators. My main expertise is in computer graphics.  I am very profficient in the graphic programs of Window's Paint, Fractal Dabbler, Fractal Painter, Kid Pix, Corel  Photo and Print House, and Corel Photo Paint.  I can teach some basics on Photoshop, Illustrator and Corel Draw.  I can also show teachers  how to use Word, Excell and Power Point in their classroom and also how to use the digital camera and scanner.  I can instruct teachers on how to create web pages using Netscape composer.  I work mainly  with a PC, but I have had some experience on a MAC.  Some of my workshop materials are on this web site under Technology Helpful Hints.  You may ask for me at Indiana Technology Associates. You may also e-mail me personally at