(septem, Latin for 7) the seventh month in the Julian or Roman calendar, established in the reign of Julius Caesar
September energy augments magic for prosperity and abundance, balanced with sensibility and a little frugality.  It is a time to thank the Goddess for all her gifts throughout the year.   Beyond this, start making amulets for health, so the when cooler winds come you will be magically fortified.     
Full Moon- Harvest Moon
Autumn Equinox- nature comes into balance
Color- Brown
Tree- Hazel
Flower- Aster
Creature- Snake
Goddess- Ix Chell
Moon Festivals-
     Feast of Gauri, First Day of Bhadra, New Moon –India
     Citua (Feast of the Moon), New Moon nearest equinox-Ancient Peru
     Birthday of the Harvest Goddess, Eighth day of ninth month, waxing quarter moon- Ancient Russia, Holy Cross Day, Full Moon of the Ninth Month- Medieval Europe.  

1 Thargelia, Festival of the first fruits- Mediterranean, 
Radha’s Day (love Goddess)- India,          
The Celtic tree month of Coll ends,
St. Giles.
St. Drithelem.
2 Celtic tree month of Muin (vine) begins. The month of Muin releases prophetic powers,
and is sacred to the Celtic god Lugh, for intellect and spiritual illumination.                                                                                                              
Grape Vine Festival

Harvest time commences.
St. Sulien
Lost Day- Brittany-
Greek Island festival of the grape vines- Ariadne and Dionysus.           
St. Agricol of Avignon.
St. William.
3  Paryushana- India
Bumbershoot begins
Native American (hopi) healing ceremony for the maidens of the four directions.
Feast of Osiris in Egypt .
Day gender discrimination was outlawed world-wide (1981); day to mourn all manifestations of sexism.
Lakon Ceremony
St. Gregory the Great.
Feast of Greek Goddess Artemis (Roman Diana/Slavic Diwitsa) - as the huntress, destroyer of life
4  Horn Dance- England, Maid Marian.
Marathona -Greek.  
St. Rose of Viterbo.
Krsna Janmashtami, also Krishna Jayanti.Lord Krishna, The birthday of the most celebrated and beloved of all the avatars of Vishnu. Fasting until midnight, followed by an all-day festival of chanting and music, culminating in a midnight punja.
Goddess month of Hesperis ends.
Ka-Blei-Jew-Lei-Hat- Assam.
Nanda Devan-India.                                                    
Changing Woman Ceremony (Native American, Apache Tribe)
5  Virgin of Remedies-Mexico,
Temazcalteci- Aztec,                                                  
The Goddess month of Mala begins.
St. Bega.
Jupiter Stator
Ludi Romani 5-19
Ganesh(Hindu Elephant-God of Good Luck and Prosperity),
Chauti Festival
6  Asclepigenia, a priestess of the Greek Eleusinian mysteries
Herne or Cernunnos.The horn dance at Abbots Bromley venerates the horned god, Festival of Durga- Hindu.
Daena- India.
St. Gratus of Aosta,
Our Lady of Regla.
St. Clodoald.
Incan Feast of the Moon
7  Festa da Serreta, Nossa Senhora Dos Milagres-milk.
St. Corbinian.
Daena (Maiden-Goddess of the Parsees),
Healer's Day
8  Chrysanthemum Day- China, Japan
Lan Caihe- Buddhist.
Te Velait-Albania.
St. Peter Claver
Demokratia- Greek festival celebrating democracy, constitutional government, and justice under law. Zeus Agoraios, Athena Agoraias, and Themis were honored.
Feast of the Nativity of Mary
9 Matrona- Teutonic,
Twan Yon Chieh-China (woman’s feast of the moon),
St. Nicholas of Tolentino,
Nativity of the Virgin Mary in the Roman Catholic calendar.
This holiday superseded an earlier weather marker day of which it was said that this day's weather heralded the weather of the next four weeks.
Coptic New Year-
The Sphinx.
Queens of Egypt.                                                       
St. Paphnutius.                                                      
Citua-The Incas harvest festival on the New Moon closest to the Autumn Equinox.  
Greater Eleusinian Mysteries- Greek festival recalling Goddess Demeter's search for Her missing daughter. Devotees fasted, ritually bathed in the sea, processed by torch-light to the temple, and made ritual offerings. They honored Demeter (as Mother Nature), Goddess Kore (as the harvested grain), and God Dionysos (as the harvested grape) for bringing life, death, and rebirth. 9/8-9/18
Cerunnos Day of the Horned One, of the Britannic god. Two weeks before the Autumn Equinox, shamanic dancers wore reindeer horns to honor and pray for an abundance of deer and other wild horned beasts whose meat, hides, horn and bones were vital to the tribe's survival during the coming winter.
10  Pumpkin festival-France,    
Meng Jiangnu- China, 
Bel , Beltis-Babylonia.                                                      
St. Guy of Anderlecht.                                               
Ceremony of the Deermen
Navajo Sing--Festival in thanksgiving for the harvest. Estsanatlehi/Changing Woman is believed to represent life, and is manifested in the harvest.
11  Banquet of Venus- Roman,
Rosh Hashanah
Lectisternia, a Roman festival for the gods Jupiter, Juno and Minerva.
runic half-month of Ken begins, The  rune Ken is a flaming torch within a royal hall, the forge by which natural  materials are transmuted into mystical substances.
Ganesha Chaturthi, feast of the beloved elephant-headed god of wisdom,
Festival of lighting the fires of Neith, the mother Goddess,
(also All Souls Day)
Egyptian, Nepthys.
St. John Chrysostom.
Day of Queens
13 Runic Half Month of Ken (illumination) Begins, 
Banquet of Venus
Ceremony of Lighting the Fire (Egypt)
Lectisternia (Honor of Juno, Jupiter, Minerva)
14    Keiro no Hi- Japan,
Day of the Holy Nut
Ame No Uzume.
Feast of September.
Feast of Lights
Pilgrimage of the Black Madonna
St. Notburga.
15    Birthday of the Moon- China, Ch’ango.
Some sources state beginning of Eleusian Mysteries.
St. Catherine of Genoa.
16  Rosh Hashana- Jewish, Malkuth.
St. Cornelius
St. Cyprian.
International Day of Peace--Day to demonstrate for peace with justice throughout the world.
17    Month of Hathor-Egypt,
Holy day of St. Sophia-Byzantia.
St. Lambert of Maastricht.
St. Robert Bellarmine.
St. Hildegard.
18     White Horse Festival- Britain, Rhiannon
St. Joseph of Copertino.
Double Ninth In the Chinese calendar, this is the 9th day of the 9th lunar month, and therefore the Festival honoring the God of Nine Emperors--that is, a composite deity embodying the best qualities of nine wise and pious emperors. The Chinese consider this one of the year's most auspicious days, especially for health and prosperity.
Chinese Harvest Moon Festival
19 Thoth This is a day-long fast in honor of the Egyptian god, for
wisdom and magic.
Harvest Moon day, Papa- Polynesia.
Gula-(Babylonian- Goddess of Birth)
St. Janarius.
St. Theodore of Canterbury or Tarsus.
St. Emily De Rodat.
Yom Kippur.
Incan Spring Equinox,
Mama Kilya,
Alexander the Great's birthday in 356 BCE
20 Yom Kippur
Quetzalcoatl (Aztec Fertility-God)
21    Ningal- Mesopotamian.
Raud the Strong,
Egyptian feast of divine life, for the three-fold goddess- the mother, creator of all things, the daughter, the renewer and the dark mother,
Feast of the Divine Trinity- Greek,
Rites of Eleusis.
St. Matthew.
St. Michael of Chernigove.
St. Theodore.
22  Mabon, Mab.
Autumn Equinox-beginning of Autumn and point of equal daylight and darkness; celebrates the bounty of Mother Earth with feasting and aiding those in need.
St. Maurice.
St. Thomas of Villanova.
Coya Rayni--Inca festival honoring Moon Goddess Quilla; focus is on purging sickness and evil.
23  Carpo (Goddess of Autumn)and Carman (Goddess of Poetry) The time when darkness overtakes light.
Gaia and the Nymphs Greek festival honoring the male and female Spirits of Nature.
Greater Eleusian Mysteries-Greek,
Tula- Hindu.                                                                
St. Adamnan.
Coyna Rayni, the Incan festival of rain, devoted to the purgation by water of illness and evil.
Mihrigan, the festival of the solar god Mithras in the ancient Mediterranean and Middle East.
24  Festival of Poets. Izanami-No-Kami- Japan.
Our Lady of Mercy- Santeria, Yoruba.
St. Gerard.
Our Lady of Ransom/Obatala (Yoruban Hermaphrodite Diety)
Major Festival period in ancient Egyptian calendar. Ceremonies of the going forth of Isis and of Osiris .  Hethara days 8 - 12.
25    Doll Memorial-Japan, China,
Sung Tzu Niang Niang,
Birthday of Sedna (Eskimo Goddess of both the Sea and the Underworld),
The Horae(Greek Goddess of the Four Seaons),
Feast of Pyanopsia
St. Finbar.
St. Albert.
Triple Goddess (European feast of the Goddess of the Moon and the Seasons), marking the transformation of the Mother into the Crone.
In the Jewish Calendar, Sukkoth, the Feast of Tabernacles, the (7 days) third of the pilgrimage festivals. This day begins a seven-day harvest festival called zeman simhateinu, the season of rejoicing. In biblical times, this was the most important of all Jewish festivals.
Iroquois Squash Ceremony--in thanksgiving for the squash harvest
26  Miwok Acorn Festival,
Chup- Native American.
Death of Tammuz.
Hekate Feast of  Greek Goddess, who guides all through transitions and crisis.]
Thesus, Azazel(Hebrew)
St. Cosmas,
St. Damian.
St. Teresa Couderc.
Venus Genetrix
Indigenous Peoples' Day--celebrating the life-affirming spiritual traditions of indigenous peoples world-wide. [a/k/a Native Americans Day, First Nations Day]
27  Aloha Festival- Hawaii, Hawumea,
Day of Medusa,
Birthday of Athena.
Pyanepsion Noumenia- Greek festival honoring all the Gods and Goddesses.]
Torch Day
St. Vincent de Paul.                                                    
St. Augustine of Canterbury.                                         
The Day of Willows- festival in the ancient Sumerian Calendar,
Osiris-In Egyptian Calendar, day of going forth to His main temple at Abydos.
This was also the feast day of the Nile neter Hapi, on whose day the river crested each year; and the feast of purification of the hearts of the gods.
Hethara day of celebration and prayer for prosperity and abundance.
The Moon Hare(Chinese Lunar Deity)
28  Festival of Themis,
Holy Night-Greek,
Runic half-month of Gyfu begins The half month of Gyfu represents unity, as between the giver and recipient of a gift.
Day of Saleeb- Egypt.
Feast of the Charites-Day to honor the Greek Goddesses of beneficence.]
St. Wenceslas.
Demeter(Through October 3),
Thesmophoria Festival
29  Gwynn ap Nudd,(Celtic God of both the Underworld and the Faerie Kingdom),
Heimdall (Norse God)                                                            
Celtic tree month of Muin ends,                            
Michaelmas- Feast of the Archangels, sacred to Sts. Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel,
In the Roman Catholic Calendar (the festival of warrior gods).   
30  Lakshima Puga- India.
Celtic tree month of Gort begins.
Medetrinalia- Meditrina, the Roman goddess of medicines and healing.                        
St. Jerome.
Aphrodite Feast of Greek Goddess -Day to honor peace and compassion