Using Snappy

 Grade  5
Vocabulary…Computer, Icon, Preview, Snap, Adjust, BMP, Bitmap, Disk, Save
Objectives…After being shown how to save a picture or image to the screen on Snappy and adjusting it and saving it to a disk, the student will do the same.
Method..The student should bring in or choose an image to save.
Look through the viewer on the camera to center the image on the board.  Click on the icon for Snappy.  Click on preview to see the image from the video source.  Click on snap.  Go to adjust to crop or change settings.  Click on process to save changes.Then put in disk and go to floppy “A” to save the image on a disk.  Take the image and put it on your computer and open it in your graphics program.  If you have no other program, use PAINT.   Copy the image and paste it on a new screen, so the original image is not changed.  Try the tools on your picture on the new screen, cut your image, copy it and paste.  Replicate it, move it around, paint or draw on it.  Type name or write name and room # on the bottom of the image. When you are finished, Save as……with a new name from the original to the required folder.  You may make a black and white print. 
Materials..Snappy program, computer, video camera, disk, image to be saved.
Time allowed..15 minutes to save the image to a disk.  Then 2 - 15 minute time periods to work on the image in PAINT, or whatever program you have.  Finished project may take several periods. 
Evaluation..  Was the image saved to a disk?  Was the image brought into the program on the computer?  Was the image altered utilizing many tools?  Did the student print an image?
Other resources……Samples on board.