Stencil in Dabbler

Animal Shape drawn as a stencil and filled in with colors and textures
Vocabulary:  Computer, Stencil, Frisket, Texture, Outline.
Objectives: After being shown how to draw a stencil and fill it in with various techniques,the student will create their own stencil animal and fill it in. 
Method:  Create an animal with the freehand stencil.  Set the outline stencil so the inside will be filled with future work.  Then use a variety of techniques to fill it in.Save the stencil, do not click it off, and when finished with the inside of the animal, change the stencil so the outside  of the outline will be filled and finished.  Type name and room # at the bottom of the page.  Save the image to their room folder. 
Materials:  Computer, paper, Dabbler program, disk (if they wish to save it for themselves to use in another computer.)
Time allowed:  10 minute time sections timed with a timer.  Rotate students on the computers.  Finished project may take several weeks.  Once a student has completed 3 to 4 time periods, he should be able to print a project. 
Evaluation:  Is the inside of the animal filled with interesting textures and colors?  Is the outside  filled with interesting textures and colors?  Is the animal interesting and creative?
Other resources:  Samples on board.
Other project possibilities:  Have the student write  a  story about their animal, using  a lot of description and some small amount of action.