Crewel Stitchery Kindergarten Project
 Stitchery Projects Special Preparation Information for the teacher

Grade level: K-1
Key Concept-Goal: The student will be able to do a running stitch in crewel.
Vocabulary:  running stitch, crewel, yarn, needle, burlap.
Essential Skills-Objectives-Art  Aims: After showing the student how to do a running stitch in crewel using yarn and needle, the student will make a little sampler using this stitch. 
Engagement Activities- Procedure: The student will do a running stitch around the lines on the sampler. Directions for this stitch will be found on the handout sheet for running stitch
Materials: Burlap sampler, yarn, needle, scissors, nametag.
Organization for distribution: Pin together with name tag on top with needle, teacher will pass them out.
Work period-guidance: Teacher will do a class demonstration.  Then as individual help is needed, they are to come to the teacher in a quiet, orderly line.
Cleanup: Pin name tag on project with needle.Put in class container on desk.
Assessment-Evaluation: Did they learn the stitch?  Did they do it neatly?  Did they finish the project? 
Other Teaching Aids and Resources: Samples of stitchery.
Higher Order Thinking Skill Questions: What other kind of project could you create using this stitch?  Compare  this kind of stitch with a plain running stitch.  Does it look more professional?  Does it look better?