Art Vocabulary  1-15

1.Arrangement-to put in a definite or proper order.
2.Communication-an exchange of information and ideas
3.Creativity- original thought or product
4.Illusion- a false vision; a mirage
5.Media- materials used by the artist
6.Parallel- two or more things that are exactly the same distance apart at each end.
7.Space- open places between objects
8.Shape- outward appearance or form
9.Subject Matter- that which is being studied or considered.
10.Technique- method of working; how
11.Primary Colors-red, yellow and blue
12.Secondary Colors-green, purple and orange
13.Monochromatic- using only one color mixed with black or white or both showing varied values and intensities of one hue. 
14.Background- parts in the rear of the picture; not the subject; far away
15.Foreground- part of the picture that is closest to the viewer; up close