Art Vocabulary 16-30

16.Vertical- up and down
17.Horizontal- Across
18.Contour-the outline shape of an object
19.Illustrate-to draw a picture to tell about something; to explain a story
20.Movement- suggestion of motion or action
21.Optical- visual; seen with the eyes
22.Idealism- the effort to show perfection and beauty instead of fact
23.Realism- treatment of subject matter as in nature or real life; natural
24.Spherical- global; in the shape of a ball
25.Beauty- that combination of qualities that is pleasing to the eye
26.Craftsmanship-skill in working with your hands; good work in a craft
27.Asymmetrical- unbalanced or uneven arrangement; not the same
28.Symmetrical- balanced or even arrangement; one side equals the other; formal arrangement
29.Collage-A picture, usually abstract, made of objects cut out and glued onto the picture.
30.Render- to draw