Art Vocabulary 31-47

31.  Sculpture-three dimensional art made from carving, modeling or joining materials together in some way
32.  Expressive- revealing a meaning or mood
33.  Geometric- having mathematical symbols such as curves, lines and angles.
34.  Functional- designed for a certain use or reason
35.  Academic- using the mind; mental studies
36.  Analogous- alike in some ways; similar
37.  Appreciation- knowing the values and good qualities of something.
38.  Calligraphy- special handwriting or lettering, usually fancy, using a brush or pen
39.  Contemporary- belong to the same age; living or occurring at the same time
40.  Harmony-agreement in feeling or action
41.  Discord- lack of agreement in feeling
42.  Perception- being aware through the senses:
see, hear, taste, smell and feel
43.  Intensity- amount of color reflected
44.  Dominance- being in control; the strongest
45.  Utilitarian- having a practical purpose; useful
46. Unity- being complete within itself
47. Volume- amount or quantity