3rd grade Art Vocabulary

1.  Hue- regular color; pure color
2.  Tint- regular color plus white
3.  Shade- regular color plus black
4.  Texture- surface feel or look
5.  Emphasis- center of interest
6.  Pattern- a repeated unit
7.  Rhythm -movement or motion
8.  Form- shape
9.  Primary colors- red, yellow and blue
10. Secondary colors- green, orange and purple
11.  Media- materials used by the artist
12.  Clay- decomposed rock
13.  Ceramics- objects made from clay
14.  Firing- heating or baking of clay
15.  Kiln- furnace or oven for firing clay
16.  Greenware-  unfired clay project
17.  Bisque- clay which has been fired once
18.  Glaze- a glass like coating painted on the clay and then fired a second time