Art Vocabulary 48-59

48. Aesthetics-study of the beauty and the history of art
49. Abstract- unreal; non-objective design
50. Organic-  having a systematic arrangement of parts; connected; organized
51. Representation- symbolizing; making one thing stand for something else
52. Architecture-  the art of designing and constructing buildings
53. Design-purposeful order; planned arrangement; a composition
54. Center of Interest- The most important part of a work of art. All the other parts should center around, provide background for, or draw attention to this area.
55. Compose- to create or form by putting together and arranging.
56. Contrast- a notable difference between two things.
57. Cool colors- the family of related colors ranging from the greens through the blues and violets.
58. Warm colors- The family of related colors ranging from the reds through the oranges and yellows.
59. Detail- A small part of a whole