Art Vocabulary  60-77

60.  Elements of Design-these tell what goes into a picture
61.  Line- defines and gives shape to an object
62.  Form- the basic shape
63. Color- A visual quality of differences
64. Chroma- color
65.  Hue- regular color
66.  Tint- lighten  color using white
67.  Shade-darken color using black
68.  Spectrum-  all the colors; rainbow
69.  Texture- surface feel or look
70.  Value- contrast; light and dark; amount of light reflected; brilliance
71.  Principles of Design-tells how to put elements in a picture
72. Unity- a sense of oneness; a whole thing
73.  Emphasis- center of interest; main feeling or mood; strong attention
74. Pattern- a repeated unit; an arrangement of markings
75.  Rhythm- the flow of orderly motion, beat, movement
76. Balance- the state of equal relationships
77. Radial- Balance based on a circle; from the center