Ceramics Vocabulary

1.Ceramics- Objects made from clay; name of class where you work in clay
2.Bisque- clay which has been fired once; unglazed
3.Carving- decorating by cutting into the clay surface
4.Coil- rope-like roll of clay used in hand building
5.Clay- decomposed rock
6.Firing- heating of clay or glaze to a specific temperature
7.Glaze- a glass-like coating bonded to a ceramic surface by heat
8. Greenware- unfired clay objects
9. Kiln- a furnace for heating ceramic products
10. Plasticity- the quality of a clay that allows it to be easily manipulated and still maintain its shape
11. Porosity- the capacity of a clay body to absorb moisture
12. Vitreous- the hard, non-absorbent quality of a clay body or glaze which has been fired.
13. Slab- flat, rolled out clay, cut out and joined together to form an object
14. Throw or Throwing- using the potter’s wheel to make forms from clay.