Art Vocabulary Game

     For each lesson I have a list of vocabulary words.  I've printed them out on my computer, cut them out and put them on my back bulletin board.  I explain each word as I put them up.  If the class is working quietly, I play the vocabulary game.  If I say the word while explaining something or giving out information while they are working, the first student to recognize that Iíve said one of the words raises their hand.  That first person gets to put their name on the board with 5 points.  Every time someone catches me saying the word, the first hand up get 5 points.  If they get noisy, then I stop playing the game.  At the end of the period, the student with the most points gets a small prize, like a pencil, eraser, button, etc.  A variation has been that if I ask a question about one of the words, the first hand up with the correct answer gets 5 points.  Another variation is to put a star with their name and room number on the back board with the vocabulary words.  At the end of the semester or grading period, the student with the most stars will will a bigger prize.