This ritual is a composite of parts I found in a book and yule songs that have been added into the ritual.  We have done this ritual for years and find it very satisfying,  If I can find the original source for most of the ritual, I will credit the author, but offhand, right now, I can’t remember where it originated.  

Herald  holds one lit candle and says: Hearken unto me!  It is the dark of the year.  The sun moves ever farther away.  Come one, come all in perfect love and perfect trust to call back the sun.
All file past the herald and light their candle, singing:
Oh Come All Ye Faithful
          Oh come all ye faithful,
          Gather round the Yule fire.
          Oh come ye, oh come ye,
          To call the Sun.
          Fires with us, call the fire above us.
                 Oh come let us invoke Him!
                 Oh come let us invoke Him!
                 Oh come let us invoke Him!
                 Our Lord, the Sun!  
     Yea Lord, we greet Thee!
         Born again at Yuletide!
         Yule fires and candle flames
         Are lighted for You!
      Come to Thy children, calling for Thy blessing!

Drummers begin a slow beat.  Everyone walks and forms a circle.  Circle is cast.  Candles are put out except for quarter callers.
East:  Cold winds are blowing.  Frost covers everything in the morning.  The dawn comes later everyday.  Spirits of the East  come to us and help us call back the Sun.
South:  The light dims.  The Sun is without warmth.  The noon Sun sinks lower in the southern sky.  Spirits of the south come to us and help us call back the Sun.                                                                           
West:  The water has frozen.  Snow flies.        
Sunset comes earlier every evening.  Spirits of the west come to us and help us call back the Sun.
North:  The land is barren and frozen.  The trees are without leaves.  The cold moon stays longer in the night sky.  Spirits of the north come to us and help us call back the Sun.
Priestess: Lady of life, we call you from your slumber.  Be with us as we call your consort, the newborn Sun.  Soon his warm embrace will quicken life within you, in the land and within us all. 
Priest:  Lord of the Sun, we call you back from far realms.  We ask for you to be reborn in our lives so that we may partake of your energy.  May we grow as you grow in strength at our side.
Everyone sings:  Silent Night
      Silent night, Solstice Night,
      All is calm, all is bright.
      Nature slumbers in forest and glen,
      Til in Springtime She wakens again,
      Sleeping spirits grow strong!
      Sleeping spirits grow strong!
    Silent night, Solstice night,
    Silver moon shining bright.
    Snowfall blankets the slumbering earth,
    Yule fires welcome the Sun’s rebirth.
    Hark, the Light is reborn!
    Hark, the Light is reborn!
     Silent night, Solstice night,
     Quiet rest ‘til the light,
     Turning ever the rolling wheel,
     Brings the winter to comfort and heal.
        Rest your spirit in peace!
     Rest your spirit in peace!    
Drum beat slows   Maiden walks about circle asking different people:  Where is he that will be my consort?
Everyone chants:  Where is he?
Maiden continues about the circle, searching and becoming more distressed:  Where is he that will talk with me?   Where is he that will walk with me?   Where is he that will hold me?   Where is he that will lay with me?                                                                        
Everyone sings:  God Rest Ye Merry Paganfolk
      God rest ye merry Pagan folk,
      Let nothing you dismay:
      Remember that the sun returns
      Upon this Solstice day!

       The growing dark is ended now,
       And spring is on its way!
            O, tidings of comfort and joy,
            comfort and joy!
            O tidings of comfort and joy!
       The winters worst still lies ahead,
       Fierce tempest, snow and rain!
       Beneath the blanket on the ground
       The spark of life remains!
       The sun’s warm rays caress the seed
       To raise life’s songs again!
    Within the blessed apple lies
    The promise of the Queen
    For from this pentacle shall rise
     The orchards fresh and green
    The earth shall blossom once again
     The air be sweet and clean!  

Mother comes forth and says:  Where is he that will be my companion?
Everyone chants:  Where is he?
Mother continues:     Where is he that will be my inspiration?
  Where is he that will quicken the life within me?
Everyone sings:  Triple Solstice Goddess
   Goddesses of the Solstice are we.
   Bringers of the star and the tree.
   Maiden, Mother, Crone uncover
   Winters deep mystery.
Chorus:     Oh, time of wisdom, time of light,
                  Time of winters darkest night,
                  Goddess hold me, love enfold me,
                  Open me to your light.                                                                          
   Maiden of the darkness, I sing
   Underworlds of wisdom, I bring.
   Seeking, learning, Kore returning,
   Bearing the light of spring.
    Demeter, the slumbering earth,
    Dreaming of the daughters rebirth.
   Candles lighted, world united,
   Knowing our own true worth.
   Crone of deepest wisdom, I dwell
   Deep in times mysterious well.
   Dreaming, daring, teaching, sharing,
   Hecates secret spell.

Crone comes forth.  Drumming slows and becomes erratic.
Crone:  He died in my arms, His spirit departed the leaves, the grass, the water, the very earth itself.  He is lost in far realms.
Maiden and Mother:  Is there no hope?
All: (Weeping and moaning) No hope..no hope...                                                                          
Crone:  Always there is hope, in the seeds, in the springs that do not freeze, in the Sun that has not completely left our skies. But most is the spirit within us.  If we want him back enough it is the spark within us that will ignite him back to his full glory.  Our spirit, our need, our love will call him back.
Drumming stops......silence
Maiden:  Come to me, spirit of youth.
All: Where is He?
Mother:  Come to me, spirit of growth.
All: Where is He?
Priestess:  Come to me, hope of the new year.
All:  Where is He?
Maiden:  Come to us, our need is great.
All:  Where is He?
Mother:  Come to us, we need you strength.
All:  Where is He?
Priestess:  Come to us, We need your warmth.
All:  Where is He?
Priestess:  Come to us, we need your guidance.
All:  Where is He?!                                                                          
All sing:  Share the Light
   On this winter holiday,
   Let us stop and recall
   That the season is holy to one and to all.
   Unto some a Son is born,
   Unto us comes the Sun,
   Thus showing us now that all paths are one.
Chorus:   Share the light, share the light,
                Share the light, share the light.
                All paths are one on this holy night.
    Be it Hanukah or Yule,
    Christmas or Solstice night,
    Many now celebrate the eternal Light.
    Lighted tree or burning log,
    Or eight candles aflame,
    This time is held holy, whatever the name.

Priest lights candle and says:  He has heard!  Light your candles in thanksgiving.  Candles are lit one to another around circle starting in the north.  Drumming resumes with quickening pace.  All hold candles close to heart and begin wordless intonation.  Each person’s left hand on the persons shoulder to the left of them.  All call out for something they wish to achieve in the coming year.  Candles are gradually raised above their heads.
Priest:  Release the energy for the good of the world and ourselves.
All ground energy.
Priestess:  The time of dreaming and reviewing is over, now we must begin to take what we have learned from the past to apply to the future.  We must begin to make plans and to prepare for the Sun’s return and the beginning of the new season of growth. 
Priest:  Now we must make choices and decisions about what we are going to do in the coming year. For now is the beginning of the rest of our lives. 
Priestess: Now we can become anything we want. Now is the time to start. 

Everyone sings:  Joy to the Earth:                                                                        
   Joy to the Earth!  The Sun has come:
   Let Earth receive its King!
   In every house, the people will hum--
      And sky and nature sing,
      And sky and nature sing,
      And the sky, and the sky, and nature sing!
   Joy to the Earth!  The Sun’s light reigns!
   And folks, their songs, employ!
   While the fields and floods,
   And rocks, and hills and plains
      Ring out with sounds of joy,
      Ring out with sounds of joy,
      Ring out, ring out, with sounds of joy!
   The Sun fills the Earth with its great power
   To make us fall in love--
   With beauty in the long daytime hours,
      With wonders in the sky,
      With wonders in the sky,
      With wonders, O wonders, in the sky!

Now share cakes and wine.
Everyone sings:  Oh Holy Night                                                                         
O Holy night, the stars are brightly shining.
It is the night of the Sun God’s rebirth.
Long lay the World, in cold and darkness pining
Til He appeared and the soul felt its worth.
A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices;
For yonder breaks, a new and glorious morn.
Rise from your knees!  O hear the Pagan’s voices!
O night divine.  O night when Light was born.
O night divine!  O night divine!

Farewell to God and Goddess. 
Farewell to the elements.
Traditional finish of ritual. 
Blessed Be!