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Sandra Sue Handak
Sandy Meadors
Syrylyn RainbowDragon

Welcome to RainbowDragon Arts.  My original computer paintings are done to present archetypal images in a creative manner.  My art work is done in Fractal and Corel Painter (versions 4-8)  with a digital pen and a Wacom tablet.  Most of my art work is for sale.  I have multi-cultural calendars for sale utilizing my versions of astrology archetypes as Ladies of the Zodiac  and The Goddess.   The calendars can also be printed with other images.  Press the tab on the left marked personalized calendars.  The paintings are available as 8 x 10 prints on card stock, glossy paper, canvas or water color paper, and  iron on transfers for light or dark material  They can also be printed on Epson professional paper in larger sizes of 11 x 17 and 13 x 19.  Any of these images can be matted, mounted on a stiff cardboard back, and encased in a plastic cover. These art images can be printed as blank 4 x 5 cards and 2 x 2 1/2  note cards, each with envelopes.  You may contact me by phone 317-791-8156 or e-mail me at syrylyn@sbcglobal.net    I still have quite a few of my stitchery art beaded bags and some scrunchies available.  Much of my clay work is gone now, but I am working on some new things.  Photos of them will be added to the web site as soon as they are glazed and fired.   My informational pages are for you to print and use as you need for personal study.  More will be added.  My thumbnail and web sized pictures can be copied and printed out for your personal altars and meditation.  If you are interested in using any of my images on your web site, or any other business use, please contact me for my permission and a link back to my site.  Feel free to email me if you have any special requests or questions.  I will be adding more images and information often.  
                                                                Thank you for visiting,
                                                                         Sandy Meadors
                                                                               Syrylyn RainbowDragon
goddess in many aspects