Lots of Links about various interesting subjects
Goddess and Fantasy Art Links
These are all sites I have visited and enjoyed. There is some beautiful work here.
The Art of Claudia Connely
Marc Potts
Josephine Wall
Sandra Stanton- Goddess Myths
Brian Froud
Jeffrey K. Bedrick
Kris Waldherr -Goddess Tarot
David Delamere
Joe Bergeron Fantasy Art
Hrana Janto
Linda Ravenscroft
Goddess and God Art Gallery  
Robin Wood
M. E. Procknow
Jacqueline Collen- Tarrolly
Melissa Harris
Nene Thomas, Inc
Witch Way Galleries
James Wapple
Mara Friedman
John William Waterhouse
Katlyn Greene
Endicott Studio
Helena Nelson-Reed
Mickie Mueller
Jean Paul Avisse
Howard David Johnson


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    Goddess and God Information
Ashlynn's Grove Book of Gods and Goddesses
Birthing the Crone
Serpentina- Woman centered research for everybody
The Divine Feminine
Campbell and Gimbutas Library
Lynn Andrews
Cosmic Mother, Wisdom Lover (Sophia)
Images of Divinity
Clio- Women in mythology, religion and herstory
Myth*ing Links
Goddess Divine Mother of the Universe
The White Moon School of the Feminine Divine
Z Budapest's Site
Goddess Spirituality for the 21st Century
Goddesses,  Legends and Mythical Women
The shrine of the forgotten Goddess
The Divine Femine2
Our many mothers- age of rituals
Goddess Myths
Gods and Goddesses- Egypt
Spiral Goddess Grove
Women's Spirituality Booklist
Full Moon Dieties
The Temple of Hecate Online
Eternal Goddess
Religion and Mythology
Eleusinian Mysteries
A Rainbow of Spirituality
Another Booklist
Blue Roebuck Goddess Page
Women in Greek Myths
Athena's Library (Goddess Book List)
Anthropology of Mythology
  Schools, Libraries, Courses, Educational Stuff
World Wide School (Lots of Subjects)
Clipart stuff
Encyclopedia Mythica
Sacred Centers
Isle of Avalon Foundation Correspondence Courses
Goddess School
The Mysteries of the Goddess Mystery School 
Avatar Search.com
White Moon School of the Divine Feminine

These are some Web Rings that I have not joined for one reason or another, but I feel they have much interesting information.

Mandala Webring
Sophia Webring

Spirit Circle Webring
Pottery Webring

The Gnostic Ring

Goddess Gallery Online
Sacred Source Divine Images
Ancient Circles

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