The TAROT: Major Arcana
O-The Fool:  Beginnings, innocence; potential that is not yet applied toanything; containing all possibilities; insight and intuition; wisdom+ madness+ folly; undirected; immaturity; important life option; new directions; impulsive; trust; excitement; starting out new and fresh; opportunities-do not hesitate.
Reverse:  Risky; foolish; indecision; ignoring opportunity; bad decision; apathy; not thinking before acting; ignorance; fear to step into the unknown; difficult to believe in instinct; warning against recklessness.

1-The Magician:  Will; determination; transmitter (as above so below); creative power; knowledge applied with tools provided; manifestation; control of environment.
Reverse:  Abuse of power; lack of concentration; trickery; unstable.

2-High Priestess:  Intuition; undeveloped talents; self motivation; psychic; mystic; spiritual; duality; hidden issues; between who you are and who you want to be; hidden part of you at work; cosmic consciousness.
Reverse:  superficiality; secrecy; intrigue.

3-The Empress:  Creativity; fertility; Ability to give and receive love; growth; prosperity; life force; comfort; abundance; grounding energy.
Reverse:  unproductive; wasteful; lazy; extravagance; lack of concentration.

4-The Emperor:  Authority; dominance; sensible; reasoning; discipline; stability; mature; balance; effectuator.
Reverse:  Lack of control; immaturity; indecision; inconstant; unreasonable; rigidity; dogmatic.

5-Hierophant:  Conformity; ritual; rules; dogmatic; traditional; status quo; conventional.
Reverse:  unconventional; open to innovation; careless; unique approach.

6-The Lovers:  Choices; harmony; synthesis; attract what you desire.
Reverse:  Infidelity; obsession; jealous; incorrect selection; emotional dependence.

7-The Chariot:  Destiny; self-mastery; mastery of opposites; sense of direction; continue on your path; balance through control; emotional balance; travel.
Reverse:  lack of control; misuse of power; defeat; lack of perspective.

8-Strength:  Mental and physical health; spiritual lovingness; control of desires; develop latent potential to more developed state; control and confidence; mastery of lower self through self awareness.
Reverse:  ill health; fear; selfishness; greed and violence; poor self esteem; emotional weakness.

9-The Hermit:  Withdrawal; solitude; advice; introspection; meditation; guidance from within; teacher; wisdom; discipline; study.
Reverse:  Closed mind; isolation; unwise action; depression; hurt.

10-Wheel of Fortune:  Fate; adapt; chance; destiny; cause and effect; karma; change; consequences of our actions; be prepared for opportunity.
Reverse:  Bad luck or fate; interruptions; little choice in events.

11-Justice:  Fair and just outcome; karmic retribution; important decision made with conviction; strength and correctness; use good judgement; restoration of balance.
Reverse:  Poor choices or decisions; prejudice; unfairness; reappearance of unfinished lesson from past.

12-The Hanged Man:  Spiritual awareness; sacrifice; inner peace; change in priorities; self enlightenment through discovery of limitations.
Reverse:  Selfish; materialistic; failure to find meaning; of ones existence; inability to change or listen to another viewpoint; time of seeking; arrogance.

13-Death:  End of a phase; change; rebirth; something of importance leaving; let go of the past; transformation.
Reverse:  Stagnation; catastrophe; disorder; refusal to let go of past.

14-Temperance:  Moderation and control; diplomacy; patience; successful handling of situation; compromise; balance ideals with reality; reason.
Reverse:  Unstable efforts and actions; excessiveness; poor timing; self indulgence.

15-The Devil:  Overwhelming fear of real or imagined enemy; superficial; materialistic; greed; willing bondage; indulgence; let go of attachments; ignoring truth; passions; weakness.
Reverse:  Release from bondage; rescue from damaging situation; turn to higher focus; freedom from fears; inability to see ties.       

16-The Tower:  Sudden change to new awareness; breakup of static patterns; drastic, sudden changes; all that is of no value will drop away; flash of truth, then insight; aha!
Reverse:  Lack of insight; growth stunted; manageable crisis; delayed change.

17-The Star:  Inspiration; insight and understanding; focus energy on pursuit of wishes; talents; dreams and goals; hope; truth; honesty; trust intuition; clarity.
Reverse:  Closed mind; narrow viewpoint; depression; insecurity; misuse or misunderstanding of insight.

18-The Moon:  Psychic powers developed; illusionary; introspection; hidden factors; instinct; mental unrest; danger; warnings about deception from self and others.
Reverse:  Mystery solved; upset emotions; honesty; new harmony; warnings about motives or false paths.

19-The Sun:  Positive energy; happiness; pleasure; vitality; zest; joy; success; self-actualization; enthusiasm; contentment; inner child.
Reverse:  Unhappiness and loss; negativity.

20-Judgement:  Liberation; spiritual awakening; revelation of truth; fulfillment; rebirth; resurrection; awareness of personal power.
Reverse:  Fear of death caused by misunderstanding it; lost soul; loss of power; delays; cloudy issues.

21-The World:  Triumph; end of cycle; assured success; spiritual high; completion; synthesis; infinite potential; realization of desires.
Reverse:  Earthbound; incomplete or unfinished; delay of desires; frustration from being close to completion.