Radial Design made with a compass

Grade level: 4-5
Key Concept-Goal:  The student will learn to make a circle with a compass and then how to create a design using the same radius and repeating a pattern around the circle.
Vocabulary: Radial, radius, compass, design, circle
Essential Skills-Objectives-Art Aims:  After being shown how to make the compass radial design, the student will create one of their own.  Sequencing.
Engagement Activities- Procedure:  See radial design handout sheet #2
They should show the finished design to the teacher.  Then they may go over the pencil lines with skinny marker.  They may fill the design in with colored pencil or skinny marker.
Materials: compass, pencil, ruler, skinny markers, colored pencils.
Organization for distribution: Grocery line to get paper, compass.
Work period-guidance: The teacher will check on work as it progresses.
Cleanup: Put papers with name and room number on teacherís desk, compasses in box.
Assessment-Evaluation: Did they make the design correctly?  Is it neat?  Did they follow the sequence?
Other Teaching Aids and Resources:  Examples on the board.
Higher Order Thinking Skill Questions:  How do you create a radial design using a compass?  Why does it work?  What are some other ways to create new designs?  What other tools can you use? (ruler)