Four Square Design

Lesson:  Creating a four part design using flip and rotate 
Grade: 2-5
Vocabulary:  Computer, pattern, repeat, edit, copy, paste, flip, rotate, detail, vertical, horizontal.
Key Concept-Goal: The student will create a design by flipping the same design vertically and horizontally. 
Essential Skills-Objectives-Art  Aims:  After being shown how to create a four part design using one design (which can be saved or cut from another picture), the student will create their own.  The design will have the four parts mirror itself. 
Method- Engagement Activities- Procedure:  They may make this in color, but they can print it to black and white only, unless given special permission by the teacher or unless you have color printers readily available. Create a square by using the square tool.  By using the other shape tools, pencil, and color fill they may create a design within the square.  They may use varied shapes, varied thickness of lines, colors, or textures.  They may use the magnifying glass to do details within the square.  They should use the dotted save square (scissors) and enclose the design.  Copy it and paste.  Go to Image and Flip/Rotate.  Flip one horizontal.  Flip the next one vertical, Flip the last one horizontal and then vertical.  Have them put them all together as they turn them, so they all mirror each other.  Have them type their name or write their name and room # on the bottom edge.  Have them save it to required folder. 
Materials:  Computer, paper, paint program, disc, if they wish to save it for themselves.
Time allowed:  15 minute time sections done with timer.  Rotate  students on the computers.  Finished project may take several weeks.  Once a student has completed 2-15 minute time periods, he should be able to print a project.Or if in a lab session, you might be able to create the whole project in one period.
Assessment-Evaluation: Did the student use the materials, techniques and processes correctly?  Did the student consider the elements and principles of design? Design, variety of lines and/or patterns, does it make a 4 square pattern? 
Other Teaching Aids and Resources:  Samples on board.
Magazines:  School Arts; Arts and Activities, Textbook:  Discover Art., Examples and Visuals, Fabric and wallpaper.
Higher Order Thinking Skill Questions:  Explain how rotating the same design can result in a different design.  How could this design be continued to make a fabric or wallpaper?