Computer Graphics Lesson Plans

These are Lesson Plans that I have used to introduce
 "Computer Graphics" to my elementary students.

Of course, they can be used by anybody.  

These lesson plans were conceived at different times when there were different circumstances at my school. I first had a few computers in my art room which I would use a timer and rotate the children on the computers. We then developed a computer lab with 18 computers.  I would take my class to the lab and allow 18 students to work on the project at one time.  When this happened, we used disks and the children learned how to save their work to a disk and return it to me at the end of the period. I would check their work at my computer between class times and return the disks to them at the next computer lab time, where they would continue their project. Some plans do not reflect this in their directions. I assume you will adjust these directions to your own situation and resources. As we recieved color printers, I started to print color copies of finished projects. The decision to make a color copy was my choice always. Check my technology resources for extra hints 
when working with your students on the computer.

Computer Valentine Business Card (Corel)
Quilts  Mosaic (Painter)
Monochromatic Landscape (Painter) Stencil in Dabbler
Tiles Stamp in Kid Pix
4 Square Design Snappy
Fabric Design Alien Landscape
Tessellations In the manner of Andy Warhol (Painter)
Texture Landscape in Kid Pix Colorizing Black and White Photo
Clone Magic Wand (Painter) Making a mask in Painter as a clone
Corel lettering on a circle Embossing (Painter)
Scratchboard (Painter)  Cloning background 
with clone tool (Painter)