Making Stamps in Kid Pix

Grades:  3-5
Vocabulary...Computer, Stamp, Repeat, Tools, Design, Pattern.
Objectives...After being shown how to create a stamp, the student will create their own.  They will then use their stamp as part of a repeated design.
Method...Open Kid Pix.  New page.  Pick the stamp tool.
Pick a stamp that will not be missed.  Go to toolbox.
Click on edit stamp.  Bomb the stamp in the square.  Draw a new stamp.  Use any color to enhance it.  Use is on your design.  Use Control and Shift keys to make two larger sizes.  Make two stamps to include in your picture.  You may fill the rest of the picture with other drawing.  Sign your picture with name and room number.   Save to disk or named folder. 
Materials...Kid Pix, computer, disk.
Time allowed...15 minute sections with timer.  Rotate students on the computers.  Finished project may take several days. 
Evaluation...Is the stamp original?  Is it colored in?  Did they use the stamp in the design? 
Other resources...Samples on board.
Other project possibilities...Make a logo, or stamp for a magnet or pin.