Regular Landscape turned into Alien Landscape

Grade:  3rd on up
Vocabulary:  Reverse, Texture, Motion, Details, Computer, Landscape, Negative , Effects.
Objectives:  After being shown how to use the tools to create a landscape, then reversing the colors and adding additional texture, the student will create their own landscape and reverse it. 
Method:  They will create a landscape  using painting, chalk, airbrush, water or whatever technique they may choose.  They will save the original landscape to their folder naming it. They will go to Effects and click on Negative.  This will give them a reversal of colors on their landscape.  They can then alter or rework any colors or textures to enhance the image.  They should save their image in their folder with the previous name and #2 attached right to it.  They should type their name and room # to the bottom of each image saved. 
Materials:  Computer, Dabbler program, paper, disk( if they wish to save it for themselves to use in another computer.)
Time  allowed:  10 minute sections timed with a timer.  Rotate students on the computers.  Finished project may take several weeks. Once a student has completed 3 or 4 time periods, he should be able to print a project. 
Evaluation:  Did they complete the landscape using a variety of colors and textures.  Did they reverse the colors?  Did they add textures to enhance the image?  Did they use their imagination and creativity? 
Other resources:  Samples on board, visuals of paintings done in a like manner.
Other project possibilities:  Have them write a story depicting this alien landscape.  Make sure they use descriptive passages.