Fabric Design

Lesson:  Fabric Design
Vocabulary:  Computer, Disk, Pattern, Copy, Edit, Paste, Reverse, Vertical, Horizontal, Flip, Upside down.
Objectives:  After being shown how to create a fabric design, the student will create their own.  The design must be even rows up and down.  It will have 4 parts that mirror itself all 4 ways.
Method:  Create a random design using as many tools as possible.  Use shape tools, lines, colors, and spray. Pick an area and put a dotted square around it.  Copy it.  Go to a new page.  Paste the saved square on the new page.  Paste it again.  Flip it Horizontal.  Place to the right of the original square.  Paste another one.  Flip it Vertical.  Place it under the original.  Paste another one.  Flip it Horizontally and then Vertically.  Place it  in the lower right hand corner.  They should have a four part design that mirrors itself all 4 ways.  Put dotted square around all four designs together.  Copy and Paste until page is filled.  They should type their name and room # on the bottom of the page.  Have them save it to a disk.
Materials:  Computer, paper, paint program, disk 
Time allowed: Computer lab or 10 minute time sections timed with a timer in the art room.  Rotate students on the computers.  Finished project may take several weeks. Once a student has completed 3 time periods, he should be able to print a project.
Evaluation:  Design, variety of lines and/or patterns. Does it make a four part pattern?  Did they fill the page?
Other resources:  Samples on board, fabric samples.

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