Tiles or Repeated pattern on the computer

Lesson:  Tile Design      Grades:  3-5
Vocabulary:  Computer, Pattern, Repeat, Tile, Edit, Copy, Paste, Mosaic. 
Design, Interlocking, Square
Key Concept-Goal: The goal is to make a repeated design.
Objectives: After being shown how to create a tile, the student will create their own.  The picture must be even rows up and down. 
Method:  You could make this in black and white only if you do not have access to color printers.  Create a square by using the square tool.  By using the other shape tools or the pencil, create a design within the square.  They may use varied thickness of lines and textures and shade of black and white and gray.  They may use the magnifying glass to do detail within the square.  Use the dotted save square (scissors) and enclose the new design.  Copy it and paste.  Move the pasted one exactly next to the first square.  Paste again.  Keep adding the squares to the right and bottom of the other squares until the page is full of squares. Be sure to check that there are no hidden areas left to fill.  Use the directional arrows.  They should type their name or write their name and room # on the bottom edge.  Save it to required folder or to their disk.  Make a black and white print. 
Materials:  Paint program, Computer, paper, disk. 
Time allowed:  Computer lab or 15 minute time sections done with timer in the art room.  Rotate students on the computers.  Finished project may take several weeks. Once a student has had 3- 15 minute time periods, he should be able to print a project.If you have a computer lab, you could do this in one period.
Assessment-Evaluation: Did the student use the materials, techniques and processes correctly?  Did the student consider the elements and principles of design? Composition? Design, variety of lines and patterns, does it make a pattern or mosaic?
Other resources:  Samples on the board, Magazines:  School Arts; Arts and Activities, Textbook:  Discover Art., Examples and Visuals.
Higher Order Thinking Skill Questions:  How have you seen this type of deisgn used in commercial products?  How could you use this if you were designing fabric?  Or wallpaper?