Computer Scratchboard Picture

Grade level:3-5 and up 
Key Concept-Goal: After being shown the tools and explaining how to do the project, the student will complete a scratchboard assignment.
Vocabulary: Use computer vocabulary handout.
Essential Skills-Objectives-Art  Aims: The student will learn to use the tools in the program “Painter” to complete an assignment of scratchboard emphasizing texture variations.
Engagement Activities- Procedure: The student will work in the program “Painter”.  Go to file and Open a new file.  Go to Select  and choose “All”.  Use the airbrush or paint bucket fill and cover the sheet with black.  Go to “Brushes” and choose Pen.  Select the “Scratchboard tool”  Set the color to white.  Draw a picture using many kinds of texture.  Subject matter could include landscapes, animals, mythology creatures, still life.  Put name of the bottom of the page.  Save the picture.  Go to “Select”  Choose all, choose Float.  Go to Window and choose objects.  Choose composite method of “gel”.  Go to the little gray down arrow on the second line of the objects box.  Choose “Deselect”. 
Choose airbrush or paint bucket fill and color in areas with different colors.  Save to disk, rename it or replace the first one.
Materials: Painter 6.  Computer disk
Organization for distribution: If in a lab situation, allow each student equal time on the computer and make sure they know how to save their work to disk when they must stop.
Work period-guidance: Give help where needed. Encourage a variety of texture and filling in as much as possible.
Cleanup: Put disks in the box labeled with their room number.
Assessment- Evaluation: Variety of textures. Mastery of technique.
Other Teaching Aids: This might be a good project to coordinate with crayon etching also.  Put examples on the board.  Have books with texture drawings in them.
Higher Level Questions: How was this project easier or harder on the computer as opposed to hands on art?  Why couldn’t you just paint over the black and white drawing without going through the floating method?