In the manner of Andy Warhol

Grade 5th on up
Vocabulary…..Computer, Andy Warhol, Repeat, Image, Cut, Paste, Effects, Surface Control, Apply Screen, Floaters, Delete, Paper grain, Image luminance, Threshold, Pattern, Design
Objectives….After being shown how to create an Andy Warhol type of design , the student will create their own.  They may use an image they have brought in ( a picture of themselves or a pet?) or a design that they have drawn and saved before.
Method….Scan the image if it has been brought in, put it on disk (teacher will do this), load the image into their class folder, pull it up in the program-Painter 4.  If the image is too large, go to Effects.  Choose Orientation.  Scale it down to 50% ?  If that is the size they want to use, go on to the next step.  If not, keep working with the scale until they get the size they want.  Use a dotted square (scissors) and select the area they want to work with and cut it.  Paste it onto a new page.  Go to Effects, go to Surface control, Go to Apply screen, pick your three colors (at this point talk about complimentary colors) , pick your surface type-paper grain or image luminance.  Move the threshold spaces 1&2 until you like the image.  Get rid of your floaters.  Do it again with paste.  Tile it next to the first square.  Make this image different by rearranging the color order and changing the thresholds also.  Get rid of the floaters.  Do it a third time, Tile it next to the second one.  Then continue 1,2,3  until your page is filled.  Use the solid square in tools to make a thin line in between the images to clean up any area edges.  Pick one of the three colors to use on the line.  This will make all the edges even.  Keep deleting all floaters.  Type name and room # on the bottom of the page.  Save their class folder.
Materials….Painter 4 program, Computer, disk, image ( if they bring it in)  Paper if it is printed.
Time allowed…They may work in 15 minute timer sections.  Rotate students on the computer.  Finished project may take several weeks.  Once a student has had 3 or 4-15 minute time periods, they should be finished with their project. They can print a black and white copy.
Evaluation...Have they chosen an interesting color arrangement?  Are each of the three images different enough from each other?  Do they show a knowledge of color  theory?  Was the image saved to their folder?  The best images will be color printed.
Other Resources……Books on Andy Warhol, Prints of his work, samples on board.